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I have been a customer since at least 1996, have purchased tires for two other cars that I've owned without incident. Again I purchased 4 tires for my 2003 Nissan Pathfinder on 2/16/07 in Redwood City, Store, 1610 Broadway. Despite the fact that my car took 245/65-17, the sales person told me that the size was out and gave me 265/65-17. He convinced me that those tires were appropriate for my car despite me going back in after they were mounted because they rubbed against my car whenever I turned the wheel. I have been getting regular rotations and balances, both at American Tires as well as other tire places as there is no location in Oakland where I live. I had 67, 000 miles on my car at purchase, now I have 113, 927 which means that I've placed 46, 927 miles on the car since purchasing the tires. I checked the Dunlop website as well as others, apparently the tires have a 60, 000 mile warranty on them. I took my car in for a rotation and balance on 11/11/09, the work was refused because "RF tire is bald from the outter ease". I had my tires checked and was told that the balding tire is due to the tires being too large for my car. Also, the right front tire seems to be the only one bald, although I suspect balding on the other tires as well due to size. I called the Fremont store today 11/21/09 regarding this issue and was told that the tires were optional tires and that there was no tread warranty listed despite the information on the Dunlop website which clearly states that there is a tread warranty of 60, 000 miles. I have recommended many people who are now customers of American Tires, as I myself have been. This is the first negative incident that I've had. I purchased the tire Certificate at the time of purchase in 2007. On 11/11/09 the Redwood City store sales person never asked about this, never suggested that I explore buying new tires, just sent me on my way with tires they stated were a "safety hazard".

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