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America's Servicing Company / Incompetent, harassment, overcharges & under delivers!

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This company bought my loan from GMAC (to whom I was never late). GMAC doesn't charge for pay by Internet, ASC does. GMAC's website always works, ASC's is often down. GMAC never called unless there was a real problem. ASC begins harassing phone calls on the due date and the payment isn't late for 15 days after the due date of the 1st. When I call, there is always an aire of incompetence. I am going to refinance as soon as I can to get away from them. When I do an Internet search on them, I see several complaint sites. With this level of complaint, one wonders if there may be reason for class action. This is the first company I've complained about, stay away from them if you can.

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  • Be
      3rd of Feb, 2007
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    Without authorization from me they paid my balance due on my taxes on a piece of property that isn't included in my mortgage. Now they are trying to claim the additional land that I own separate from my house as part of my house! After giving their legal department copies of the deed(s) and tax information from my town that I indeed pay my own taxes and that I own 5 parcels of land that aren't included with the mortgage they still are trying to "claim" my land. Now I have to pay an attorney and fight them to keep what is mine and has been mine free and clear for over 20 years! My best advise is to stay away from America's Servicing Company!

  • Am
      18th of Mar, 2007
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    My mortgage has been sold from Freemont Investing to ASC and although I have a grace period to submit my monthly mortgage payment, if the funds are not received on the 1st of the month, the company starts to harass me at work and home indicating that my payment is overdue and they are trying to collect a debt and threatening me. My payments are always received on time and always processed before the my grace period ends. I think there should be some laws against that type of harassment. I think the US attorney's office should fine this company and demand that they stop harassing people or loose their business license.

    As much as I would like to stay awasy and not deal with ASC, I did not select to get a mortgage with them. My mortgage was sold to them by Freemont Investing.

    Please help!!

  • Gl
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    Everyone has a lot of good points. Is there anyway we can seek legal action? ASC bought my loan and told me to send my payments to VA when it actually needed to go to LA. Just like everyone, there are lost payments, can't pay online, they received payment and did not put it towards the account.

  • Mi
      13th of Jan, 2011
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    we were behind on our mortgage payments due to husbands unemployment. We agreed on a set amt to be paid by a certain date in order to prevent foreclosure./ I followed through on that agreement and sent 5000 dollars . When I called to make sure the money was received I was told my money was being returned to me because it was not the full amt. owed and that I was in foreclosure status. I was shocked. They lied to me and then to make matters worse lied about a letter of accelaration that I never received Now I am dealing with their attorneys and being made to pay legal fees added onto back payments in order to reinstate our loan. When I contacted the attys. office I was told it would be another 7 to 10 days before I received a final payoff amt. These people are worse than loan sharks and need to be stopped.I am all for a class action law suit. I am also looking for a good attorney who is willing to take these people to court and take up for people like me who are being victimized by a company who refuses to work with people like us who are going through a financial crises due to layoffs and bad health. I really have tried and tried with ASC to rectify the matter before all of these foreclosure status began but they are determined it seems to me to try to take our house Anyone out there willing and able to help me?

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