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America's servicing company &ASC& / Mortgages GREED! FIGHT BACK NOW!

1 MN, United States

Some times its time to hide under a rock and do nothing as others are washed away in the storm!
That time is at an end! Its time for ALL Americans to stand up and fight back!
One thing at a time and the most important item to deal with today is the Mortgage HURACAIN! That is destroying are homes in America! This ONE thing alone is DISTROING America and you are a STUPID fool if you think not! There are others problems but this one issues is the starting point! And most of the other problems that are distorting America are ALL part of the GIANT GREED MACHINE of the upper CRUST of society! And the world!

Look at the facts: over the last few years mortgage companies have given home loans out to everyone in sight right? Most all could afford them at the rate given!!! And did pay them right?
So why did they have to ad and ARM and other deceitful practices to raze payments?
Only ONE reason GREED!
You have to see this. This ONE thing alone is responsible for the mortgage crises in America.

And It WILL and HAS hit every signal American across the board. Well except for the Upper CRUST of society who by the way are creating the problem out of greed in the first place!

Who owns your house? You or a group of men? some not even Americas!
Who runs America? The people put into place BY the GIANT GREED Machine!!!
They hold dead to everything, EVERYTHING!!
They hold your education in LOANS They hold your small business in loans, they hold you cars in LOANS! They own your jobs. And decide what to pay you. They own the banks and the government!
They hold it all!!! The upper CRUST HOLDS IT ALL!!! Even out GAS is controlled by the upper CRUST!
You may think that there is nothing we can do. YOU’RE WRONG!
We can STOP! WE CAN STOP! WE CAN STOP! The GIANT greed machine dead!
If you have the courage we can STOP IT!!!

How do we know if countries that want to do us harm are not controlling the stock market?
Because that is a real proposition. Oil barons could own you apartment buildings. And do!!!
They own the buildings you have your business in. They own EVRYTHING!!!
As a child I remember may stories of giants ruling the world. WELL THEY ARE!!!

And it gets worse… They don’t care about the money WE DO!!! They care about control and slavery of the human race! They just use money to that end!
They the upper CRUST needs Brains to move ahead, and the brains need food to move ahead, the farmer needs laborers to move ahead… It’s a pyramid! And that is the secret of the pyramids! They where not built to be the greatest wonders of the world. They where build as the true real GOD that runs the world!
The top is the KING, and then as you gown to the ground level you see the stones that hold it all up!
The stones on the bottom are us and there are more on the bottom then the rest of the pyramid.
And the farther you get from a pyramid the less you can see. Until you just see a Kingdom or Country (the last stone in top)!
When I say they the upper CRUST don’t care about money I mean they control it! And anyone who controls something has no fear of it! Like a herd of wild stallions, no one in their right mind will go into a coral of wild horses.. But you will put your kid on a horse in a pen of caged trained horse. That’s control!

What do you fear that keeps you a slave and hungry for money? You need money…

No fear!
We cant delay any longer the time is at hand!
We can fight back in the legal system and take back America!
Its time for a stand! Cant you see this? It’s only going to get WORSE!
This is the FIGHT! Its in your face. And we all will loss when it’s too late!
Every day hundreds of people loss there jobs to technology, computers and robots..
Do you think that one day you will wake up and get a job doing something a robot can do?
NO! And anything a man can do a computer or robot can do! And will! So what will happen to ALL the spare humans? What is the out come? Id there really a choice? What will happen to us?

We can fight back!
contact me NOW!
Join the fight now!

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