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America's Servicing Company took over my loan within 6-months of refinancing with Option One. There was no problem until November of 2009, when several harassiing calls before the date my loan was due began. When I mailed my mortgage payment, it arrived on time, because I have certified most of my payments to them. I got a late phone call at 9:30 p.m. two days after they received my payment saying that they only received one money order and the other one was either lost or got torn or thrown out by the machine that opens and routes the payments. They charged me a late fee, and told me to send in another payment quickly before my account is placed in a bad credit standing, but by the end of the week, I got another call from A.S.C saying they did find it and would credit my account. This happened again March, and July, both times the U.S. Postal Service site where I purchased my money order took more than 6 weeks to give my the lost money back in March and 16 weeks waiting to be repaid for the July lost mortgage payment. I contacted the FTC and within a week the Post Office paid me. But America's Servicing Company put my first money order in a holding account and did the same with the $1, 000 sent to replace the money order they lost. They then charged me a $1, 000 extra with late fees, of which I disputed. They later sent me a billing with my correct monthly payment and $129.00 in addition late fee, with a hidden fee. I paid it all in good faith, wanting to put this behind me. This month they sent me a bill with more late fees and a hidden fee of 30 dollars. I have called the company and each time I get different people in charge, and then this is followed with late night calls where no one answers when I pick up.

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  • Ze
      Mar 23, 2010
    america's servicing co - no answer on our modification packages
    ASC (America's Servicing Company
    6260 NW 112th TERRACE
    United States

    We have sent in two packages for a modification and both times they came back to us requesting more documentation, which we have submitted. We have never been given an official answer on our requests but foreclosure proceeding have gone on and we have answered each and every hearing.

    As a matter of fact, we have to be in court today at 8:30AM because they are calling for a final hearing for a foreclosure.

    I wish there was more help out there for us homeowners who've had our properties for a long time and all we want is to be able to keep our homesteads! Let the companies give us other options if we don't qualify for one
    type of modification, maybe we can qualify for another.

    I hope we are able to get an extension so we can again try to send another file (and maybe this time we won't get a letter a month after requesting another paper, and then by the time they get that, more of our documents are already expired and we will need to start all over again.

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