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America's Pride / Stay away from them

1 United States

I purchased a 4-post automotive lift model PP-4XL from these people in March of 2004. Along with the lift I ordered several accessories including a $180.00 Caster Kit. Several weeks later I also ordered two under-lift jack stands. The lift arrived in a reasonable amount of time but after a month the underlift stands had still not arrived.

I called America's Pride and asked when they would be shipped. I was told they had been shipped weeks earlier via UPS and that they had confirmation from UPS that they had been delivered. I asked for the tracking number so I could call UPS to find out where they had been delivered. America's pride refused to give it to me and said they would follow up with UPS.

To cut to the chase, after many more weeks and numerous phone calls I still did not have any UPS information or the stands. After some hassle I finally got them to refund the money for the stands, but it was beginning to get ugly. They insisted I had the merchandise and just wanted to get it for free. To this day I still have no UPS Tracking number or UPS Complaint number.

Due to construction problems with the building where I was installing the lift, I never unpacked or assembled it until the end of April 2006. At that point I found the $180.00 Caster Kit had been improperly welded together and was useless.

I called America's Pride and told them the situation. I explained the lift had been assembled in my shop in a place where it was seriously in the way because I had planned to move it. Without the casters I could not do that. After emailing them photos of the defective casters, I was told "we will have the old caster kit picked up today and we will ship your replacement set out tomorrow". I was impressed with their response and thought my earlier episode with them had been a fluke. I hurriedly repack the useless caster set expecting the truck to pick them up at any minute.

One week later, the old caster set still had not been picked up, and I had not received the replacement set. I called America's Pride and spoke to the same Customer Service person. She was "surprised" to hear the old set had not been picked up, and said she had no way to know if the new set had been shipped when I asked about it.

I did not understand how she could not find out immediately if the new casters had been shipped, but she said she would call me the next day. I explained I really needed to find out the same day, not 24 hours later. I received no call back that day, nor the morning of the next.

I called America's Pride and was told she was in, the receptionist asked my name. After being on hold fro a few moments I was told she was "not available" but would call me "right back" if I left her a voicemail. Three hours later, still no call back.

I called them again. This time I did get through to the Customer Service person. She said "I got your message" but offered no explanation as to why she had not called me back. I asked if the casters had been shipped a week ago as she promised. She said she did not know and would have to call me back the next day. At this point I got a little ruffled and insisted I wouldn't wait another day.

She put me on hold for a few minutes then told me "they will be shipped tomorrow". RIGHT.

I guess I'll have to try to repair the old caster set.

Stay away from these people!


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