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Rip-Off & Disrespect is what you'll get!! Their web site says that the cost to gain enter into a lock starts at $35.00 (plus the $19.99 service fee). Our lock was not pickable but still very simple to get past because it was double doors that allowed for simply expanding the gap between them and then clicking the top and bottom catches. No locks were replaced, no keys cut. He just broke into our building in a matter of two minutes! For that we were charged $189.99 plus the $19.99 service charge, for a grand total of $231.00. I am not unhappy to pay for knowhow but that is an outrageous fee. (I had previously paid $7.50 per lock to a different outfit when I bought this house 2 years earlier and had 14 locks rekeyed. That whole service cost less than this break in job and the guy was here for well over an hour ). When I called the office to contest the charge I was told that I needed to speak to the manager, David, who had left for the day. When I called the next day he was conveniently in a meeting every time I called. When I tried to make an appointment to go down and see him I was told that was not possible because they do not have a store front. When I challenged that if he was in a meetings with someone then I should be able to arrange a meeting with him too, I was told, "You was not listening". It is clear that the promo story and the reality are very different and this company has no intention of making things right. With this way of doing business hopefully they will be gone really fast. So, use them if you want to pay more than the job is worth - and get a good dose of disrespect tossed in for your troubles!

Dec 15, 2014
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      Dec 15, 2014

    Actually, the real lesson learned here is to not lock yourself out of your building/car/area in which access is important.

    However, in the interest of fostering amity, did you ask to see a rate sheet, contract, master service agreement, or enumeration of services rendered prior to performance of work? My wager would be no. Next time ask to see, and read, the fine print.

    Lesson learned, knowledge "unlocked".

    Hope this helps!

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