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America's Choice Cars & Credit Inc. / Awful company

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Purchased a 1998 GMC Jimmy that had problems from the start. Since the day of purchase there was problems with the vehicle. After letting the dealership know about the problems, all they wanted to do was have me drop it off for several days and then just add the repair cost to the end of my bill.

After several months of trying to deal with the truck because it was my only vehicle, the transmission finally went. The list of items that were wrong with the truck are as follows:

Overheated in all temperatures, went through antifreeze every week, will not start on really cold days, leaks oil, engine always taps (even when full of oil), back wiper never worked, front wipers worked when they wanted to(always helpful when driving on interstate in pouring rain and wipers stop working), No emergency brake, driver side window did not go down, front shocks squeak, passenger seat adjustment handle broke off, Service Engine Soon light would come on and off.

Things we had to replace: Battery and alternator, and rear brakes and rotors.

When the transmission went, we called the dealership and they wanted me to pay to have it towed to their nearest garage 50 miles away. After speaking with the owner a week later because the regional manager refused to speak with me when the incident happened. The owner 'Gary' stated that he would take care of the tow, and that he would help us and to not worry because we have been good customers. Putting a new transmission in the vehicle meant that we would put the amount on the end of our loan, that would put what we owed for the truck more then what it was worth witch was not an option for us, but were told he would get us into another vehicle, so we agreed to have it towed.

He had our vehicle towed on a Friday, and on Tuesday they told us that everything we told them that was wrong with it, was absolutely true. They would consider the truck junk, and roll us into another vehicle for us to choose another one off the lot. That we did and they started the paperwork. The saleswomen then called me and told me they would roll 1000 dollars of the old vehicle into the new one, and then that would make the new vehicle too much that the finance company would not approve me.

I stated that I would not have any money rolled into a new vehicle that they had sold me a junk car and would not pay additional for it. After several disputes back and forth, we decided to have the truck returned to us, and we would PAY for it even though it could not be driven. After several more phone calls they refused to pay to have it towed back, and it cost us 165 dollar tow bill.

When the truck left our possession it ran, and had very low gear and reverse only. When the truck was return to us, it would not start. The point we are at right now is that we have no working vehicle, and we still have to make biweekly payments on.

The dealership is not willing to work with us at all, and feel that they just wanted to help us by putting us in another older car and charge us another outrageous fee for something that most likely will not last the length of the loan.

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  • He
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    I also was going to purchase a vehicle at Americas Choice in Wilkes Barre, and I took it to a mechanic before I bought it, he said the complete frame was rusted out and would fail to pass inspection, I went back to the dealership and they told me they would take it back up to there mechanic, when the car came back, I took it to my mechanic again, and he told me they spray painted the entire underneath of the car, to cover the rusted out frame. It's amazing what these rip off artists can get away with! They were charging $7000.00 for a 11 yr. old car with 100, 000 miles on it. I ended up being able to finance w/a bank and getting something reliable and properly inspected.

  • Mi
      22nd of May, 2009
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    i was a customers of there for many years then i wanted to trade in my ford foucs for a chevy car when i went to test drive it it had a flat tire and the check enigne light was on so there said there would fix it a couple of days later i got a call from the hazleton store sayin the car was ready for me so i went up to pick it up and drove it off the lot after the paper work was done and guess what the check enigne light came on i was told to bring it to an auto parts store to have it coded and did and the funny thing is it was coding what was worng with it in the first place which was never fixed so i drop the car back off at the hazleton store and was told it would go up for repair well it did not the store employees drove it for two days and then said nuttign was wrong with it and refuse to send it to there grage now how does a store emplyee kow what wrong whit it without takeing it to someone who know about cars call the manger kevin and he refused to call me back on many many phone calls there refuse to fix a car that was comming off ther lot most of there cars there sell are ### there dont clean them nor make sure there work after all this i return the car and told them no thanks and went to a diff place who reports to your credit americans chocie does not report to your credit at all needless to say will never do any bussiness with them again and tell people to stay away from them at all cost becasue thats what will happen it will cost you more to buy a car from them then anything sp anyone looking for a used car that may or may not work then run up to americans choice be smart shop around i got 5 cars off them and there would not care about that there want to rip people off so there can make money

  • Se
      15th of Aug, 2009
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    I also have filed a complaint against this company. It is available here:

    We've had similar problems with our car and the same reaction from America's Choice. Kevin Hunsinger used to run the Hazleton lot very efficiently, but they made him GM and now he's a class-A knucklehead (to be polite).

    There's got to be a way to get America's Choice to refund some of our money.

    I am filing also with the BBB, and I suggest the rest of you do that, too. The BBB currently has NO complaints on this company, yet everyone I've ever talked to about it had a bad experience.

  • Am
      23rd of Jun, 2010
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    I have had the same problem and the owner is refusing to take any action. A state garage has deemed the car unsafe for a junk yard. The garage that was doing the work i cant say (Savage motors in hanover) repaired the fuel pump 3 times and still couldnt get it right. I was driving down the street with my wife and year old daughter when a gas tank strap fell off the car . Seems like this company should be in trouble for atempted murder. Bad part is their garage just inspected the car and passed .This would be my fourth car and first time i had trouble. They are not willing to work with me at all. Anyone that would buy a car from them after reading these complaints must not care about their safety. Good luck all who have been ripped off by Americas Choice Cars and Credit . What a bunch of criminals!!!

  • Co
      9th of Nov, 2010
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    We started dealing with Americas Choice around the beginning of 1998. Every vehicle we have ever had had problems with it. We constantly have gone to them with problems but they always say bring the vehicle to us and leave it here till we get to it meanwhile they refuse to give you a loaner till they fix the problem. They had one of our vehicles for a week to try and figure out what was wrong with it but all the mechanic did was drive it around for a hundred miles and wasted our fuel did they replace it? No. Did they fix the problem? No. This happened on two sepperate vehicles. Almost exactly the same issues with both of them. They constantly give you the run around to try and get you to give up on asking for them to fix the issues with the vehicles. There have been numerous employees that have quit because of their shady dealings and that have told us personally what goes on in these stores. We are starting to save money and are getting a down payment to go somewhere else. If you are reading this eighther get out or never get involved with their crap.

  • Pr
      6th of Dec, 2011
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    Americas choice has done nothing but work with people and help them as Much as they possibly can. Only the negative comments have been posted, but there is pleanty of good things to be said about this company. It is way better than going to car-lotta credit and having ur vehicle shut off for non payment...if u had decent credit you would be able to have more options, but obviously u don't, therefore ur choices are limited...sometimes people need to be grateful for what there offered!

  • Pe
      6th of Dec, 2011
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    Yeah. I agree. It ain't no joke if you don't pay that note. Stop not paying your bills and you can buy a car anywhere you want. Whiners!!

  • Ta
      14th of Dec, 2011
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    i got a vehicle from this place 2 years ago financed it through them it was like $6000.00 something i have paid faithfully for those past 2 years the vehicle balance is $100.00 dollars now it says in your contract that if you leave state that you must inform them so they know. i went in on 12/1/11 and paid $210.00 and told them we were going to ohio to see family we told them we would be in the following friday after we got back we were out there a week that they knew about we came home sunday and that up coming friday was when we were to make the payment but we didn't have a chance to because the day we got back they repossed the vehicle saing some how we owe them $40.00. i'm like ok so insted of telling me or leaving me a message on my answering machine they just take it over $40.00 when they knew i would be in that friday what the hell? my daughter's car seat is in there that i need that to go to make a payment. my sons boyscout fundraising popcorn was in there to be delivered. so i had to pay $120.00 today 12/13/11 to get my car back that shoulden't have been repossed and even with that payment my balance is $285.00 because they tacked on a $200.00 repo fee because of a clerical error of not putting in a note to the finance company that we were on vacation seeing family. and technicly it was only $65 left on the car because before this issue i refered a friend (regretting now) and for every friend i refered i got a $50.00 credit but they give me some crap about they have to send a check from their main office to their berwick branch which is the branch i use but the friend got his car from the berwick branch too so i don't understand why they just credit the $50 dollars to my account there to put it towards the balance but they told me they can't untill they get the check. i think that is a bunch of crap why do i have to wait for them as a company to send money to themselves? besides if they did do that it would have taken care of whatever there $40 dollar mystery fee is that i was late plus $10.00.

  • Do
      13th of Apr, 2012
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    I went with a friend to get a vehicle from there. What I didn't agree with was the friend I went with saw a newer model car that they was interested in.However they did the paper work.They told the individual to bring back their down payment then its yours.Everything was good to go. when we returned with the down payment, they added on an additional 600.00 dollars. okay why they couldn't tell the person this from the begining?So in any event they had to pick another car off the lot "go figure'. They wouldn't give this person back their deposit either. Event though people go to your place of buisness for different circumstances dont mean you take advatage of customers.If they didnt want tosell that particular vehicel just be up front.

  • Sh
      1st of Jun, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Yes we bought a car from them it's a shame they act like your a bum because you have low credit score but if it wasn't for people with low credit score Kevin and Amanda, and all the other co-workers with no morales would be out of a job! They say oh well you could have had a mechanic check the auto out first honestly who has money to do that. Bought a car from them within first month battery replaced, radiator, fuel pump, timing chain starter, the car brought down in the middle of the road I was following my son aand another vechile hit me head on. Had to call to have both cars towed, to there garage which they will not tell you were your car is being towed to or give you and itemized list of repairs, What a joke! Them they tac on intrest to your bill they think they have you my the balls. Well they don't file a complaint with consumer protection, BBB here is the phone phone # 655-0445 they are being investagated by the atorney generals office keep the complaints coming lets close them down and let Kevin Hunsinger know how it feels to have bad credit!!! Come on there is also free legal advice at the Hope center who are helping people who have been ripped off by this come so don't despair get help explose them for the liars and theives they are

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