Americana FlowersNever delivered product

I ordered a plant and balloons from Americana Flowers via their website to have delivered to my dad's hospital room. I ordered them on 2/17/15. They were guaranteed for delivery on 2/18/15. When they never arrived, I called the phone number on the website. It rang and rang and no one answered. Twice I emailed the email address on the website and in the confirming email for my order. Neither one was answered. I called again today, was put on hold for a long time, and then disconnected. The plant and balloons were never delivered but the company charged my credit card number anyway despite my telling them in my emails to cancel the order and not to charge me since the items were needed yesterday and not today as my dad has been discharged. Their website is a scam and makes it appear as though they are located in Jackson, CA near the hospital, when they are apparently nowhere near there, possibly not even in the state. NO ONE SHOULD USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE APPARENTLY A SCAM ENTITY. I am hopeful the Attorneys Generals in the states where they operate prosecute them and put them out of business. In the meantime, hope no one else uses them.

Feb 19, 2015

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