Americana Flowershorrible/non-existent service

What a scam. I ordered Birthday/Valentine's Flowers for my wife. The year before her birthday had been sidelined with health issues with my Dad. He died recently and she was very close to him. So wanted this birthday to be extra special. I ordered flowers from what I thought was a florist in Dripping Springs called Troy Florists. I wanted them delivered in the morning, but the girl said that their drivers do not deliver until 2pm, which I thought was odd. Regardless, after 330pm and not hearing from my wife I became concerned. I called a shop in Dripping Springs thinking it was the one I had ordered from. (I had the emailed receipt in my locker, but couldn't get to it at that time). The lady was very apologetic, but said that yes, she did see an order from Americana Flowers out of New Jersey that came in a few days before, but they did not have the flowers they were asking for, so Americana just cancelled the order.
I called Americana, and after the woman did indeed find my order, she apologized and lied to me that the driver had been stuck in a funeral and couldn't get them delivered by 3pm, which was their cut-off time. She then offered to upgrade the order and send some out the next day. I said absolutely not, that my wife did not work the next day, and that I had just talked to the shop that they had called...along with what they told me. Furthermore, I wondered how it was that their driver only delivered from 2pm to 3pm. Caught in her lie, she quickly said that they would refund my money. I was not in a position at the time to carry on with her, but called back after Valentine's to ask if they were going to compensate in some way for the lies...and mess. She said no, basically it was just too bad, and my money would be refunded.
Be careful of who you order flowers from. Americana/ Troy Florists is probably not from your area, and they have no problem lying to you. Avoid these florists like the plague.

Feb 17, 2015

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