American Web Earningtook my money gave me nothing and will not grant me a refund

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I purchased a website program on 8/23/10 for $399.00, the deluxe package with Jimmy Romero with American Web Earnings. One or two weeks later American Web Earnings had a website designer call me, Solomon. Solomon describes a way to design and promote my website that will make my website number 1 on the search engines. While making his pitch for his services at a cost of $3000.00 says that these services usually cost $15, 000, and that because of the thing I will be promoting on my site was so good also a great .com name and the resale value on that website name that he would cut the price in half which would make the price $7500.00 and also put up $4500.00 of his own money to allow me to get his service on the website creation and the resale of the website name of $3000.00 (as long as I agree to allow him to earn 15% of the resale of that website .com name, within the next 2 years when we would sell that .com name). I thought it would be profitable so I agreed by saying "ok lets get started"! I get my credit card ready and ask him ", "so solomon what will be the total charges on my credit card $3000.00 even or is there taxes? "All of a sudden everything changed in the conversation, Solomon says oh no its the whole $7500.00, you didn't think it was only $3000.00 did you?" ( I believe he realized I had some money to spend!)After trying to secure me by saying he was going to invest in this with me with his $4500.00 he now says I have to pay the whole amount of $7500.00 because it usually cost $15, 000.00 for his services! At this point I realized I was being scamed.(at least by him, wasn't sure if American Web Earnings was a part of this yet.)and I said" this phone call is over! He trys to recover the sale but I knew something was not right! After another 20 minutes of him trying to recover the sale he just realized he lost by saying that if I do not allow him to do my website design that I would not be able to keep the .com name we came up with, (this phone call was 2 and a half hours long!) I say this call is over and hang up. I immediatly call American Web Earnings back and speak to someone named Mike. I say" I would like to speak with Jimmy Romero, (the person I initially spoke with and purchased the program) Mike puts me on hold. Mike comes back and says Jimmy Romero is busy and can call me back at a later time, also says " is there anything He can help me with. I said, " I am pretty upset because the webdesigner Jimmy had call me to setup my website and I had a problem and I possibly wanted a refund depending on my conversation with Jimmy Romero." Mike tells me he can help me because he is the supervisior of the website designers. So I explain what just happened and that this Solomon says I can not have the .com name we came up with. Mike replies for me to hold on. Mike comes back on and says that he has corrected the problem and that Solomon had something to say to me. Solomon comes on the phone at this point and says"I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and that I can keep the .com name we came up with". Then Mike comes back on and says that he is also a webdesigner and he would now take over creating my site for me. By this time I was exhausted and said we would have to talk later because I had been on the phone for 2 and a half hours with Solomon. Mike and I setup a time for a call back, the following friday. The following friday Mike calls back and shows me the website he was creating. The website had nothing on it except the .com name! Mike then starts taking me thru some other sites telling that I would have to go to these sites and start negotiating with them to put their links on my site. When I realized it was thing I knew nothing about and I could not do, I told Mike I could not do this and it was not what I signed up for with Jimmy Romero. I said I would like a refund! Mike tries to show me I can do it and then says to me that no one gets a refund but that he would apply for a refund anyway for me. I asked if there was anything I could do on my end to help me get my refund? Mike says no. Mike says someone would be contacting me and we hung up. Its been a week now and I have been calling trying to speak with someone about a refund to no avail! If anyone has any information on how to get my refund, please contact me at: [protected]@hotmail. In the subject box put: AWE refund! Thanks for you help!!!

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