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If you are looking for an academic teaching job, please stay far, far away from AUBiH. The school deceives students, staff, and teachers. The original complaint is correct. I would add that the school is having serious financial problems, and existing contracts are constantly "reinterpreted." The idea of this school as anything remotely related to anything "American" is a misnomer, if not a complete lie. Unfortunately, the PR on the website can be difficult to resist. Use common sense: If something sounds too good to be true, as in "The American Dream is possible in Bosnia, " then it probably is. Current and potential students and their parents should spend their hard earned money elsewhere. People who can afford to send their children here could afford to send them to a "real" American school on American soil in the USA. Teachers should totally avoid working at AUBiH altogether, or they risk being stranded, unemployed, in Bosnia, of all places.

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  • Zl
      Apr 30, 2011

    I feel sorry that the person who wrote this did not speak to the best people at AUBiH before s/he arrived. The complaint does address the fact that, before accepting any new job offer, questions must be asked and answered to ensure that the prospective employee and the employer understand the terms and conditions of the contract. In my experience, I was very well prepared for what to expect when I arrived. It's a shame that all new faculty for [protected] didn't talk to the people I talked to before arrival. If they had, they would have known about the independent contractor/1099 deal. I knew it well before arrival - even before I signed and returned my appointment letter. So, the assertion that the University doesn't tell people about this beforehand is false. Also, in one case of the two professors who were let go at the semester, the person who wrote this complaint doesn't know exactly what happened there, e.g. how many complaints there were about the person's' performance in the classroom, how obnoxious the person made herself to her colleagues based upon her rank (which was made clear to her BEFORE she came), how she refused to do her job and keep her contact hours as was explained to her before, during and after arrival. Travel is expected here, and again, that was made perfectly clear to me before I arrived. One of the people who was let go at the semester flat out refused to do one part of her travel obligation and did not honor her end of the bargain in terms of student contact hours, electing instead to revise her schedule without informing anyone of anything at any time. Additionally, the aforementioned person did not follow the instructions the professors gave to her, which was a fact we were not aware of until the last week of fall semester, until we were made aware of it by a quirk of fate. Obviously, the person in question decided to sabotage our program in favor of her own ego. Thus, again, I must point out that some of the representations in this complaint are, at best, sorely ill-informed. And why does this person use the name of the University President as his handle? That is just plain tacky. As for the rest of it, if anyone wants to consider working here, please contact the existing faculty. We would be happy to give you all the information you need to make this important decision. AUBiH is not a horrible place to work; quite the opposite - it can be the best experience as an educator one can have, if one has the right information and the right attitude. Are you going to work hard? Yes! Are you going to see the results of your labor? Yes! And are you going to have opportunities working abroad that you would never have in the U.S.? Yes! So, if you are interested, apply! Existing faculty would love to speak with you about our experiences and about your opportunities here at AUBiH!

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  • Sz
      Aug 12, 2011

    These complaints are completely correct. I worked there between Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. Although I did not have any major problems with the Admin, I was cheated out of a small portion of my salary. In my Appointment Letter, it clearly stated the university would pay all Bosnian taxes. Of course, that was not true. In January, the university started deducting Bosnian taxes out of my salary. It added up to approximately $250.

    I did approach the Finance Department twice in person about this matter, and they assured me when I finished my teaching duties, I would be reimbursed. I never was reimbursed. I also emailed them twice and I still get the run-around. The old proverbial, "The check is in the mail." I am not bitter about going there. I saved money, and traveled through Europe. However, several professors did not fare as well as I did. For some reason, the admin. picks on certain professors or does something completely wrong.

    If you plan to go there, please use extreme caution. I made it out of there with little financial damage. However, I can assure you, I was lucky. I know at least four professors who were burned hard.

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  • Ms
      Aug 12, 2011

    There is an almost 100 percent faculty turnover year to year. The University posts on its website names of professors who are no longer there. That says something, doesn't it? I don't know who the alleged "obnoxious" person was, but I would bet this defense of AUBiH is blaming the victim-and with the huge turnover, can it really be the fault of all of the professors who quit or were fired?

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  • Sm
      Aug 13, 2011

    After the disastrous 2009/2010 academic year, when teachers left en masse, the owner publically stated that the profs "were all drunks and liars." I wonder what his excuse will be this year for the mass exodus of professional educators, whether they quit and took other jobs when they realized this university is a sham, or whether they were dismissed wrongfully?

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