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American TV / Bad business practice

1 Madison, WI, United States Review updated:
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I had a complaint to BBB they won't handle because they no longer handle =

these types of consumer complaints, who can I complain to that the =

business will see and respond perhaps??????? below is my complaint

We Purchased 2 theatre seats on a special no interest loan on 6/10/2006 =

sale Num: [protected] they did it in 2 Receipts the second one being =

[protected]. Sales Rep Jerry Cowlling. They did the paper work and =

figured up the payments per month for the free interest loan we did it =

step by step as they asked and led us to belief no interest period. Then =

they started adding some interest we called the store 3- 4 times they =

said it was wrong they'd correct it and refund. Well it didn't stop and =

of those times and continued then last time I called it took forever =

they couldn't figure it out gave me another # to call still =

nothing!!! Then the bill they sent on Oct said " If we receive your =

balance of $287.36 before 01/01/2008 you will avoid finance charges on =

credit plan [protected].

My wife sent $143. which is about =BD the amount on first of Nov =

planning on sending the remainder first of Dec. but received another =

notice at end of Nov saying balance of $187.36 before 01/01/2008 you =

will avoid finance charges on credit plan [protected]. Wouldn't you think =

that would read $143.36 since $143. was already paid and we had until =

01/01/2008 to pay the first amount?????

I'm just going to pay off the whole amount in disgust, but if I don't =

receive a refund of Interest I've paid and a apology for all the time =

trying to call and straighten it out to no avail, and promises of it'll =

be refunded to it's taken care of and I don't understand it, I think if =

it's interest free and advertised it should be interest free> If this =

isn't taken care of I Guarantee I'll never do business with American =

again, or any of my family or friends, along with the thousands I chat =

with online that will hear about it and asked not to do business also. =

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  • Jp
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    American TV - poor service/poor quality
    United States

    We purchased a hide a bed leather sofa and 2 Lane recliners from American on 4-7-08. They delivered the furniture 6-4-08. What we didn't realize until a little later, was that they had broken the frame of the couch during delivery. The bed was no longer attached and the bed frame was twisted. They told us they would send out a service tech. He determined that he could fix it and therefore we couldn't receive a new unbroken couch, which is what we paid over $1000 for. So, he ordered parts and returned to rebuild it in our living room. Now. once again the frame is warping in and the bed is on the floor. The cushions fall through the couch because there is nothing to support them. The bed slants to the point that it can't be used. They are now telling us that the last service tech didn't put it together correctly. The parts are covered under warranty but the labor is not and they are planning to charge us $75 per hour and $73 per trip. This is to fix furniture that they broke in the first place!!

    In addition, the nearly $500 Lane recliner that we bought at the same time is also broke. The latest service tech claims the mechanism is broken and this is why the chair is leaning and the fabric has all torn from the inside. Again, the part is covered but they plan to charge us $75 per hour to "fix" it. I think that the idea of them breaking new furniture during delivery and then charging us to fix it is absolutely criminal. Please learn from our experience, which was horrible service, terrible quality and complete disreguard for us. We very much wish we had saved our hard earned money and went on vacation instead of puchasing this junk that we can't even sit on.

  • To
      18th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes
    American TV - Awful service
    American TV
    United States

    It took a week to get the service person to look at our Asko dishwasher. He ordered a part and said he would be back in a week. One week later he came with the wrong part. (Asko's Fault) I asked if the part could be expedited and he said "no, we need to go through our normal channels". I asked how long it would take and he said 5 days. An appointment was set up for 8 days later after we had to call and pleed for it. 8 days later no service man shows up at the appointment time. No message was left to inform us. We called American and felt that customer service was rude an short. They claimed the part had not arrived, said it would be here in another week. Again it could not be expedited they claimed. In my business we go out of our way to correct our errors so as to keep all customers happpy. It appears Ammerican must have to many enough business from existing customer base that they don't need new ones.

  • Ri
      26th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Do NOT shop at American TV or Kennedy Hahn! If they have not already ripped you off, they will. It is just a matter of time. They ripped me off THREE TIMES over the last 20 years.

    The first was with a furniture delivery that SHOULD have included a couch, love seat, chair, ottoman, coffee table, two end tables and two lamps. It was delivered without one of the lamps, so I took my paperwork to the store for restitution. They told me that THEIR paperwork showed only ONE lamp, even though mine showed two (what where they implying?), but that I could BUY one for $60. These were lamps that were MAYBE worth $30 each. We broke down and bought one anyway, because we needed the matched pair.

    The 2nd time was with a washer and dryer that was supposed to have a $50 rebate. It was a selling point for us. We never got our rebate, so I went to the store with my paperwork and was told that our purchase didn't qualify. I explained that I no longer wanted the appliances if that were the case, but they wouldn't take them back since we had been using them, and that there was no mechanical issues. I told them right then and there that I would no longer be doing business with their company.

    My next major appliance purchase was with KENNEDY HAHN who had a good reputation for customer service. Unfortunately, the appliance broke down post-warranty, so I needed to call for repair. I called the Kennedy Hahn telephone number and was re-directed to American TV. I asked why, and was told that American now OWNED Kennedy Hahn and that all service calls are routed through their service center, but was assured that they would honor Kennedy Hahn's sevice policies. I should have just hung up the phone, but decided to go with it anyway. They originally quoted me $100 for the repair, but when they showed up, realized that the problem was something else, so then quoted me $150 and said that they would have to come back. Two weeks later, the service guy showed up, fixed the problem, and presented me a bill for $230. I refused to pay it, quoting the estimate, which he claimed did NOT include the labor. I said that they would have to honor the estimate and to send be a corrected bill by mail. Within a week, I received another bill for $230 with a new itemization showing the labor amount. I paid it, but sent a letter asking for refund, which I never received. I will no longer do business with Kennedy Hahn either.

  • Tr
      8th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes
    American TV - Never again
    American TV
    United States

    After receiving vague statements that we could expect our refrigerator within a week, we left the store. Two weeks later, we called back and were told it would probably arrive shortly. One week later, we called again. This time, we were told that they never had any idea when the fridge would arrive because since we purchased it there had been shipping uncertainties from the company. When we expressed frustration and talked to the manager, he was defensive, arguing that American had made no mistake, suggesting that we were never misled, and going so far as to accuse us of wrongful misunderstanding! I was not upset until the manager refused to acknowledge that American had failed to adequately communicate its known uncertainties in shipping.

    Never again.

  • Le
      28th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes
    American TV - Damaged on delivery
    American TV
    United States

    I ordered a three piece leather sectional in November 2009 and paid 30% deposit. The furniture was delivered in January and all three pieces were damaged. When I reported the damage I was told that repairs would be attempted and the furniture would net be replaced.

    > Day 1 taken away from work - delivery of damaged items.

    > Day 2 taken away from work - technician evaluating damage

    > Day 3 taken away from work - repair of one piece

    > Day 4 taken away from work - removal of piece to service center

    > Day 5 taken away from work - return of piece removed and final repairs

    When the repairs were made and the removed piece was returned, it contained new damage. The customer service person that I have been exchanging emails with has been defensive of his companies handling of this issue and apologies have been around my frustrations and not their poor service.

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