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American Tv Appliance & Furniture / Nightmare

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if you are planning to buy any amount of furniture and have it delivered go somewhere else. Pay more if you have to it will be worth it in the long run, believe me. This place is a nightmare. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and IF there actually is a manager at the store they have no clue either. The nightmare began when buying a new full living room set upon moving to a new place. The first delivery arrived damaged and on top of that the furniture wouldn't even fit through the door when it was asked to the salesman of 10 years if it was too large to go into an apartment off the bat. The furniture had to be refused but they left the slate tiled coffee tables in the boxes.

Since the tables were left the refusal of the sofa and loveseat was deamed a return and therefore the discount given no longer applied to the tables and was not included in the exchange rate for a new set. Rip off #1 preceded by lie #1.

Upon delivery of the NEW new furniture, the throw pillows, which was asked up front if included with the sofa, were nowhere to be found.

Numerous phonecalls were made by me, no less, not anyone in the store attempting to resolve the issue, to find out what was going on with my merchandise I had paid up front, nearly $2000.00 and no one could answer anything other then we don't know. In the meantime, trying to take care of all this caused me to miss going out on a job and losing a days pay.

Jump to nearly a month later. Still no response from the corporate office I had contacted twice and only a response from the store manager to say the missing pillows had been ordered. Of coarse they were! I did all the work calling everywhere from the warehouse in Milwaukee to the offices in Madison and the store itself to do it. I went in that same night of the delivery to make sure they had been! If i had not, nothing would have been done I am sure!

Now as if all this weren't enough, I received a phone call saying that the pillows would be delivered via truck between 9-12. Why they would do this I have no clue when I am within a short drive to pick up my missing merchandise, but hey at this point, after everything else stupid that has happened, I'm not questioning it.

12pm arrives. No delivery. I make the call and am informed that no delivery was scheduled and that the missing cushions are being mailed via UPS. So now I have missed another day of work!

I call the store manager, who isn't in, as usual, and then corporate, yet again. There resolution to the issue was that the pillows are being delivered via UPS and that is that. They had no concern for missing work days, lying salesman, overcharges, and faulty delivery. No concern whatsoever. As far as they were concerned it was resolved.

So, if u happen to find an item you can leave the store with at a good price I am sure you will be happy with it. Otherwise stare as clear as you can from this store as possible, please, for your own sanity.


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