American Sales Network (ASN) / Such a SCAM!!!!!!!!!! (my experience explained)

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I have never written a complaint before but this place pissed me off so much that I feel as though I need to. They post very promising job descriptions as if they are the actual company hiring. They are just a recruiter that takes your hard earned money and does NOTHING for you. You pay a flat fee in the beginning and then an additional monthly fee. When I first began, I paid it thinking it would be an investment. Then they set you up with a website where you spend hours filling out questions that you THINK future employers will see (but they wont...), and then you wait for them to call you with job opportunities. Seeing as they get paid monthly rather than only if they get you a job (like REAL recruiters) do you think they are going to hurry up and find what you are looking for? NOOOOO NOT AT ALL! I promise you this is a scam. Run as fast as you can when you see this name. It looks so professional, and the website is even a bit impressive... but thats ALL it is. I let them "search for jobs" for me for literally 4 months... At about $30 a month, plus the $80 starter fee... you do the math. FOR NOTHING. These people should be punched in the nose for treating people this way. Ok, now I am all riled up again... haha. Take my advice people. If you have any contact with these people, I hope it is because you are suing them.

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  • Cm
      Aug 26, 2010

    it would alert major red flags id a recruiter charged money to find you work.
    if the window of disputing the charges is still valid, i'd do it.

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