American Red Cross / inconsiderate behavior of red cross staff

Vero Beach, FL, United States

My family and I is displaced because of hurricane Irma. We were placed at one of your Red Cross shelters at Treasure Coast Elementary School in Wabasso FL., we were then sent to your facility in Vero Beach on 17th. Street. Ron was the manager and he was great. He tried to Help and was very polite. The crew that relieved him was awful. Mrs. Doris and another lady with a short hair cut was very cruel and has no compassion. We are homeless and Mrs. Doris told me to go back where we was before the hurricane, the lady with the short hair sandy brown in color asked an elderly man where were you before the hurricane, he replied I was sleeping in a tent, her response to him was what happened to your tent and you should go back there. There was anything family with two small children you was put in the street along with my family. My husband is disabled, he has a defibrillator and can't work because he works in agriculture and I have a 14 year old daughter. We weren't offered any assistance and had to sleep in our care. They threw us in the street with no where to go. I'm very frustrated with how we were treated by the Red Cross and this shouldn't of happened to anyone. I can't work anymore because of a back injury and I've been trying for two years to get SSDI. We need help. Your staff has no compassion for others that don't have. The sad thing is I've worked all of my life and I was treated worse than a human being.

Sep 14, 2017

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