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We purchased a puppy on October 28, 2012 from American Puppy Club, 1874 New Jersey 35, Middletown, NJ 07748, that we still have not received yet. I realize that Hurricane Sandy affected a lot of businesses but they keep pushing the date back that we can receive our puppy because the dog still has not seen the vet yet. I called them up and they keep lying to us and are saying things that they didn't say originally. We first went to the American Puppy Club on October 27, 2012 and put down a $1, 000 deposit on the dog. We were told that would hold the dog until we came to pick it up. I said, that I would come the next day to pay for the dog in full, because at the time, I did not have my other credit card on me with the available credit. We then were told on October 28, 2012 that we would have our dog on Thursday, November 1, 2012 by 8 p.m. We did not receive our dog as promised and they called us that day to say we can get the dog the following day, Friday, November 1, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. and they would meet us at the store becuase the puppy was moved to another location. They then call back within an hour or so and tell us that they cannot get us the dog at that time and it would have to be Monday. They said they would call us first thing Monday morning to let us know when we can pick up the puppy. Hurricane Sandy affected a lot of people and businesses. I own a credit repair company and a lot of my clients lost everything. Being that our business is our main income, we were not able to collect all of our money that was due to us because a lot of people didn't have the money. Being that we didn't have our puppy yet and affect of Hurricane Sandy, we came to the conclusion that we had to return the puppy that we didn't have for financial reasons and because American Puppy Club let too much time go by with us not having the dog. When I called them on Monday, November 5, to let them know that we wanted to get a refund for our dog that we do not have yet, they refused. They first said that they do not refund a dog for personal reasons and that they were not able to deliver the dog to us on November 1 because of Hurricane Sandy. I told them that I realize that and is also a reason why we have to return the dog that we do not have. They told us that the money we put down for the dog was non-refundable and could not be returned at all. They continued to lie about things that they said and would not own up to the things that they did say. They said that we could return the puppy for any reason within 30 days if we are not satisfied with the dog or with the temperament of the dog. Also, that all was needed was $500 to hold the dog. They now say that $500 is only to hold the dog for 24 hours and that you can only return the puppy for health reasons. We made a mistake and did not read the contract in full nor did they even give us a copy of the contract. We just want our money back for something that was not delivered to us as promised. Why are they allowed to use Hurricane Sandy as an excuse but we aren't? The money that I spent on the puppy that I do not have yet could be used for finances to cover expenses because of the storm and to help out others. They keep saying the the health of the puppy is the most important thing, well if that was the case, they would have let us take the puppy before Hurricane Sandy so that it was with us and not moved around during the Hurricane. We paid a total of $6, 261.13 for a dog that we do not have. I realize that we knew we weren't taking the puppy home that day but not they are saying that the money we paid for the dog is non-refundable because it was a deposit to hold the puppy. First they said that all that was needed was $500 to hold the puppy, but I put a $1, 000, and now they are saying that the minimum deposit to hold the puppy is to pay the dog in full. That doesn't make any sense. I told them that I was going to call the cops and file a complaint and they said that wasn't necessary. The person I was speaking to was Beth and when I asked for her last name, she said "I don't have to give you that and it is our company policy to not disclose our last name to our customers." I told her police officers have to give last names if asked so why can't you. I just want our money back. I am not a happy customer with American Puppy Club. You can return a car after you buy it or clothing from a store. So why can't we return a puppy that we don't even have yet but paid for in full and keep getting the run around. Please help!!

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  • Ra
      Nov 06, 2012

    Plunked down $6200 (for a puppy, no less) and didnt read the contract? You should not be allowed to leave the house without a chaperone.

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