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1 Morton Grove, IL, United States Review updated:

APRIL 24 .2009 After research on the net for a hot dog cart, I come accros this site name World Best Made Hot Dog Carts aka Willy Hot Dog Carts aka American Made Hot Dog by Will Hodgskiss.I call and talk to Will about specs, price and decide to place an order mentioning that this is intended for Europe.I provide a Credit Card and pay for 1New Yorker Cart $2799.00 plus $500.00 Shipping Cost over the phone.
The next day I get a call from Europe from a cousin to purchase one more cart for him.After telling him that Shipping is $500.00 we decide that I will drive to 46725 Interstate 81 north, Alexandria Bay, New York (location of bussines provided by site) to Pick Up the 2 carts, so I call Will to inform him about my decision to cancel the Shipping and Pick Up instead, and find out if he has 2 available Carts.
At this point Mr. Will Hodgskiss gets edgy and nervous, after asking more questions finally I am informed that the factory is in Canada, and that I still have to wait 2 weeks for the carts to get to New York, and still pay $250.00 shipping for each cart.
Having a time frame for this operation and noticing Mr. Hodgskiss
getting nervous, I become suspicius and tell him right than that I would like to cancel my order with his company.
Right away he gets extremely angry, and tells me He does Not wish to do bussines with people that do not like Canadians and that he will credit my account back the amount of $3298.00 and hangs up on me before I could say that I have no problem with canadians or anyother foreign people or race.
TODAY MAY 07 2009 I called my Credit Card to inquire about the Credit amount from Mr. Will Hodgskiss company supposed to credit back, and by my surprise I find out that no credit was issued back from WILLY DOG.
So I decide to call Mr. Will to ask why after such time, they did not credit back the amount that cancelled order, He... remembers right away that I am the guy that hates canadians and HUNGS UP on me before I could say a word.
After an attempt to call again, I get the answering machine, leaving Will a massage informing him that I DO NOT HATE ANYBODY and that my call was to have them credit my Card the amount of $3298.00 that DOESN"T belong to His Co .
After 20 years in business for myself in Chicagoland Area, It is hard to belive Mr.Will Hodgskiss attitude towards customers and the fact that those very customers give him their money.
I've send Mr. Will an email informing him that if he decides not to issue the credit back to my Credit Card by early next week, I will take the issue to Card and my Attorney and inform every possible future customer about his practice of business.

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  • El
      26th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been dealing with Will Hodgskiss for 4 years and he is nothing but a crook and a compulsive liar. He sells shoddy slapped together products that dont even work and once he has your money he refuses to correspond with you anymore. He is listed on the internet as "Willy Dog Ltd." "Willy dog corp" World best hot dog carts" "No Frills hotdog carts" U.S. Hot dogs" and probably numerous other names so that if you try to collect or sue him he hides all his assets and it costs too much to persue your claim against him. He ripped me off good and if you would like to see his response to my complaints please refer to
    A class action suit should be filed against him to stop him and if you are interested I can forward you some names of unsatisfied customers that might like to get involved to get their money back too.

  • Ri
      30th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I hope you got your refund from this cracker jack. When I drove to Kingston Ontario to his shop he gave me 3 different addresses and the wrong directions so that I would get lost and give up and not show up. He was aware that I was coming (7hour drive) and he was really rude on the telephone every time I had to call him back and re-ask him for the proper directions. He would tell me right when I should of been heading left ETC. When I finally arrived, he was very offish in his attitude( like I caught him doing something) The address on the labels on his carts are bogus. The numbers are intentionally backwards His address is Unit 1 780 Burnett St. But on the cart the address is 1 Burnett Street or a box # This is how he hides from anyone coming out there to return anything. The guy is ruthless and I told him he was nothing but a crook and a compulsive liar. All those positive comments on this complaints site are all from him and his family pretending they are happy customers. He is a rip off artist and is anti-social thats why he is so flakey and cant be trusted. You are lucky you caught on before the unseen carts arrived in Europe. Where would you return them to a phoney address and have them returned back to you at your expense and blow all your planned events to boot.

  • El
      17th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Willy dog hot dog carts, Carts of Canada, No frills hot dog carts, US hotdog carts, American hot dog carts, all the same guy. I got nowhere trying to get a refund, the stuff I paid for but never received, and no repairs to any of the 26 problems I have with the cart, no rectification whatsoever. The B.B.B. saw all his off the wall crackpot responses and lies and watched as he ignored and sidestepped every fact, breaking all the rules of an A BBB member . When I finally asked the B.B.B. where to send the money to go forward to Mediation with this crook THEY CLOSED MY FILE !( )as "administratively resolved" and erased the complete file without advising me, the ripped off consumer victim because he was a "pay to play"B.B.B.member and they protect their members. So I am still infuriated that all my attempts to resolve this matter has hit the wall and I am stuck with a$12, 224.00 inoperable hot dog cart.

  • El
      17th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Also check out All American hot dog carts complaints - terrible hot dog cart#c584365

  • Be
      17th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Will from Willy Dog runs a first class company.
    I have purchased from him with great results as have several of my friends.
    That lady is an extortionist and a coward. 4 years later and she's still whining.
    There is not an ounce of truth to her nutty story.

  • El
      4th of Feb, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Who is Beverly really? Will Hodgskiss undercover giving himself a good review? Another one of his crooked business practices!

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