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American Honda Finance Corporation / Deceptive and abusive practices

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Honda Financial Services
As many of us have struggled in this past year, I have struggled at times as well to conscientiously make good on my loan agreement and make on time payments. At the time they came unannounced and repossessed the vehicle, I was one month behind (going on two). I attempted to make a payment on the loan that amounted to one payment. They refused to accept it stating they would accept all or nothing. They soon came and took the car in the middle of the night with absolutely no notice shortly after they had refused the offered payment. They had repeatedly spoken with my husband without my consent who made when casually asked statements in light of when he thought he was going to be able to pay which they later called "promises". These “statements” were in exchange with my husband and not myself while I am the owner of the vehicle. These broken promises were reportedly one of the main reasons the car was repossessed. I am basing this complaint upon: 1.) the repossession of my vehicle based upon supposed broken "promises" that were made with my husband while I was not even consulted; 2.) Honda Financial Services refusal to accept payment for the car which resulted in being a sick and twisted tactic to watch us become more and more behind so that they would eventually come to repossess the vehicle; 3.) and the abusive and unprofessional nature of the majority of the agents who are calling average people that may be honestly struggling and honestly trying. Its not right and its not good business. I know the collection business is by nature a sadistic and bullying business but it is not a necessary or civilized way to do business.

There should be some sort of guidelines, or laws, regarding the behavior of these agencies. A time frame, an amount of days past due, an amount of times past due, notice of repossession intent so that the debtor has the right to voluntarily return the car and avoid repossession charges or to take perhaps the drastic measure necessary in order to acquire the money necessary to keep their vehicle. It is an embarrassment to our level of civilization to allow these predators to roam freely and to wreak havoc on individuals who are struggling to make ends meet and trying to meet their obligations honestly. In light of the economic disaster that has taken place globally in recent times, this is an absolute slap in the face to all Americans, especially the ones who have lost so much, to permit these types of agencies to take advantage of the public in such a way.

This company purposely employed deceptive and manipulative practices and I have never been treated worse and more unprofessionally than I was during my distasteful experience with this company. The agents calling were intentionally ambiguous, rude, disrespectful, insensitive and abusive. They were absolute tyrants. These types of people should not be allowed, if by the law, to behave in such a way. It is scandalous! At the least I would like this complaint to result in the advising of consumers to stay away far far away from this company.

There are numerous complaints against this company on this website alone. I have submitted a complaint to any one and everyone I can possible think of including the BBB who is currently investigating the complaint with this company. Why are we all taking this abuse???


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D  3rd of Sep, 2009 by 
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You should be calling them if you're late instead of them calling you. Pay your bills!
D  11th of Sep, 2009 by 
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haha "pay your bills" what an ignorant statement...do you think people like us enjoy bill collectors calling and harrassing us for money??? if we weren't struggling we would be able to pay our bills on time...jerk
D  3rd of Oct, 2009 by 
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Everybody falls on tough times, but we as Americans, have lived way beyond our means and taken on WAY too much debt. We have also become a "blameless society". You bought a car beyond your means and then blame you the company when they rightfully take back the collateral that is theirs. You were almost TWO months behind-be accountable for your actions!
N  10th of Oct, 2009 by 
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"the truth will set you free" - you are missing the point (and by the way, I'm sure you've never tried to pass blame).

What she is saying is 100% true - I had the very same experience with Honda Financial. I DID call Honda when we fell behind on a payment. I DID try to make partial "good faith" payments to show I was trying to catch up. I DID honestly explain that my husband and I both own businesses in MI and we were struggling with decreased income. Until the economy turned, we COULD afford everything we have.
NONE of this was acceptable to them. They called day after day, refused to take partial payment and bullied me beyond belief. By bullying I mean they were nasty, disrespectful and threatening. This was our second consecutive lease with Honda...until then we had a perfect payment record!

So finally I started arguing back. When "Gigi" called one day and said, "Why the HELL are you driving MY van? You can't make a full payment so you need to turn in MY van." I tried to be nice but she just talked over the top of me. Frustrated beyond belief, I finally said, "You cannot talk to me this way! Stop bullying me! I am driving MY van which I have paid for faithfully for almost three years. DO NOT speak to me this way again, and if you can't handle that then give my account to someone else!" Then I hung up on before I became disrespectful to her!

Sure enough, we parked our van in the drive one night and they took it at 4am.
The repo guys were luckily very nice. The said they had been driving past my house every night for two weeks. This means Honda never told me they were going to repossess the van and they continued to call and act as though they were simply trying to collect payment.

Yes I was behind on payment. My fault.
The point is, HONDA was down right unethical in the way they treated me and the way they collected the van. American Honda Finance Corporation is sneaky like a weasel.
N  17th of Oct, 2009 by 
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We had the exact same experience. No notification, attempted to make partial payments - in an effort to right the account, and then in the dark of night, the car was taken. Sneaky, deceptive and adversarial.
N  8th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I know exactly how you feel. Right not I'm eating only 2 meals a day just to pay the $540 a month for a 2009 Honda Coupe (%18 interest rate---thank you Honda for giving me a %18 interest rate! thanks alot!) plus $300 for auto insurance. I have 5 more years to pay and the car is only worth in this economy, probably $15, 000.

But I have to give credit to the Honda Sales woman and financial manager who really did a great job in signing me into signing the SLAVE MASTER (Honda) - Slave contract (me). At the time I didnt know the US Economy was about to tank, and I would lose income at my job. But again, I'm sure Honda didnt know this either. They are so honest and pure of heart! I love them!

My friends, we can't do anything to change the past. Here is your future with Honda:
You have two choices: 1) putting food on the table and paying rent or 2) helping Honda Financial Services stay in business

I choose number #2, and thats why I am eating only 2 meals a day and going through the worse time of my life. But, I love Honda so much I don't want the "fat cats" to go broke

But if you value your life more than I do, than take step number 1. Stop paying the fat cats and put food on your table, pay your rent, take care of your family. The Honda people dont give a ### that the economy is in shambles, they want to stay "in business"

If you do step number 1, than please do go to a lawyer (some charge $700 for bankruptcy) and declare bankruptcy. This should wipe away all your debt with Honda. But don't feel sorry for the "fat cats" they are TOO BIG to fail. Trust me, the US government loves Honda also, and they will probably pay your debt with other American tax payer money, just like they did with Lehman Bros, Bank of America, and all the other "fat cats"

Lets continue to make the "fat cats" rich!

yea! the american dream!
A  19th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I am 100 % agree with you. I have been going thrugh hell with this company. I will going to report my side of story very soon.
N  3rd of Mar, 2010 by 
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Some comments on this page are ignorant! i went throught he same thing with hinda, but for people who are saying we live beyond our means.. you do not know anyone's personal situation! She could of had a great job and got laid off! So dont comment if you don't know and definately dont say anything if it's not nice!!!
D  12th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Honda Finance wouldn't take the loss if you were only "one month behind (going on two)." Please, give me a break. Unless it was an extreme circumstance (ie. zero contact and horrible pay history). And even the going on two months it quite and exaggeration. Come on now, tell the truth.
A  28th of Jul, 2010 by 
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Okay how about this one...my father took out a loan though Honda Finance and when he was in the hospital for two and half months who to they call and harrass...me...I am not on the loan, I am not a reference, I have nothing at all to do with the vehicle. Yet time and time again they call me at home, at work, and on my cell yelling at me to pay the bill...I have been threated with having the police called on me and having them sue me...for what???? I don't own the freaking car!!!
N  28th of Jul, 2010 by 
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Um, "mschelle1111", our comments are ignorant? You can't even put together a cohesive sentence. Yes, if you get laid off and do not have enough money saved to support yourself for at least 6 months (that means pay all your bills in a timely fashion), then you are living outside of your means. Americans are known for it. We all are to blame. And yes, personal situations very, and things happen, but do you notice how NONE of the people complaining are being accountable? The idiot "fedupwithhonda " is complaining about paying 18% a month in interest, $540 for a car payment and $300.00 for auto insurance. Sounds like he has HORRIBLE credit. Let me guess-Honda's fault. Why did he sign up for such an outrageous car payment? Why not buy a used car for less money? Ummm, I know. BECAUSE HE IS LIVING OUTSIDE HIS MEANS!!!
N  9th of Aug, 2010 by 
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As a previous employer of AHFC, I can honestly say that there are collection laws and guidelines in place that must be followed. All accounts are noted for the purpose of possible legal actions. Unless it is a very rare circumstance, HFS will NOT repo your car if it is 1 month past due. They do not make any money on repo's, and in fact they usually lose money. I cannot speak personally for all of the offices across the country but HFS is very strict on their policy of "customer service" in their collection department. I do know that sometimes the repo agencies will call a debtor if they are looking for the car and they can be quite rude! Also, if your husband made all of those promises that you claim was no fault of yours, why did you never call and talk to them? I can also personally attest that HFS is more than willing to try and work with their customer prior to repossession, repo's are used as a last resort!! Can you really claim that you had no idea that your car was out for repo??? Regarding the partial payments, most states do not allow arrangements on partial payments if the account is past due. Again, this is due to legal concerns. Letters of intents are not required in all states and I believe IL is not one of them. If you would have opened your mail you would have had multiple letters from HFS stating that if you did not bring your account current, the vehicle would be submitted for repo.
A  13th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Honda Finance is a sneaky, ruthless and unheated entity. No matter what your situation is don’t bother calling them because it will fall on deaf ears and all you A-holes that support it seems that you never had financial problems and could never understand.
N  13th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Umm, what is an unheated entity? Is that supposed to be your poetic version of cold? LOL!
A  17th of Sep, 2010 by 
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WOW. Our family experience as well. AND to all YOU IDOIT'S out there, those of us WHO could AFFORD everything for years before the crash hit don't know what you are talking about! I have worked in the automotive industry for years and have helped countless people get loans who have had not 30 days, not 60 days but 90 day late payments for months. They still paid, late but paid. Honda Financial is one of those creditors that I have seen work with people. Prior to the collapse my family could afford anything we wanted. We saved aggressively and had payments that were affordable. For most of 2007 and 2008 we paid a double mortgage. The poor folks living in our rental home lost there jobs and could not pay. Luckily they were able to move in with their parents. Prior to losing there jobs they always paid. We never complained about having to make two mortgage payments. We never looked for handouts. We owned up to our responsibility. So imagine my surprise when in the middle of the afternoon right after my wife parked her Honda in the driveway from picking the kids up from school, they repo'ed the car. We missed one payment and sent in 80% of what was past due ONLY 15 days late since they CASHED MY CHECK TWO DAYS BEFORE! We had palnned to make another full payment plus the few hundred we still owed that very day. When I called they were rude, lacked ettiqutte and accused me of being slack. Furious I asked them to review my history with me. Up to that missed payment, every payment well within 30 days. When I explained what I and that I felt that they unfairly discriminated against me because I could pay plus late fees. They agreed to do a REDEEM Proposal, IF I qualified they would GRACIOUSLY allow me to have my car back. Issue# 1 Of course we would qualify and we did. Issue #2 in order to offset their losses as a whole the required that my famiily put down another $3000 PLUS the repo man's fee and any other settlement charges they chose to add. Shocked at their under handed thievery and the fact that I was prepared two make good my total past due which at the time was $200.00 plus my current payment that was due in that month and still not 30 days late. We were not prepared for their gouging. Here is the kicker for all you idoits that think I and others like me in this same situation are slouches. Even if I could meet their bribe. It would still show as a redeemed repossession. As far as the rest of the credit world is concerned it is no better that actually having a repo! So much for character and for doing the right thing. The fact is if HONDA can prove to me that they have repoed EVERY consumer who was 15 days late AFTER THEY cashed a check for past due amounts. then I will happily go down the quiet road of disgrace! As it is, I know they cannot because I have seen thousands of credit bureaus with peoples late payment history and their trade is the car that they are late on and usually well beyond 60 days late. So what happened here? In my opinion Honda along with every other creditor was sufferring massive losses. So they targeted those that have higher incomes than normal, higher payments than normal and watched them for the first sign of a slip. This way they can do what they did. Why not, if you can offset your losses by making another group pay for it, and get away with legal thievery. Here is where I am at. I am looking for a great Lawyer who will take on Honda for a CLASS ACTION Lawsuit. I believe there are hundreds if not thousands of good people out there who were not more than 60 days late and made attempts to make good faith payments and were abused by Honda. If you interested please respond to this comment.
D  17th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Good luck with that. Just what the world needs, another lawsuit. The real issue is you were 45 days past due! Had you contacted Honda and let them know what was going on? Your story is rather suspicious, and like most of the posts from people who were past due on payments, lacks accountability. Here is my advice, next time you for finance a car, pay on time.
N  20th of Sep, 2010 by 
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BetrayedbyHONDA ... HFS does not have a program to "target" people ... and your redeemed repo, that is offered to everyone who has a car repossessed. Generally if they give the go ahead to let you back in the car you must pay all past due balance and any current due if your next due date is within 2 business days, and other past due fees on the account & then you must pay repossession and storage fees. The only time they would require you to pay additional amounts is if you are leasing, your history is extremely poor and you are a flight risk (one that hides the cars) ... also, they did not repossess your car if it was 15 days past due... they cannot do that. If your car was out for repo and you sent your check to the bank processing center and it was cashed, then yes that can happen but in that case if they will refund the money. The checks get cashed by the bank, the bank cannot post the funds to your account so it goes into suspense and a message is sent to the branch that handles your account, they check to see if your car was picked up, if it was then it is a valid repo, if it wasn't then they decide if they accept the funds, cancel the repo or reject your funds and refund them to you. Don't twist the situation around for sympathy towards yourself... I no longer work for them and I would never work for them again - but fair is fair and they are very reasonable in their collection practices!!!
N  9th of Nov, 2010 by 
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I am dumb-founded by these remarks.Today Honda said they have been looking for my car for a week. I am 35 days past due.So to the previous Honda rep, you are not correct.They will and are actively looking for my car.I finally reach a nice person there and am making 3 payments tomorrow.That is what they said I HAD TO PAY!The 2 reps I spoke with today made me cry.I have worked since I was 16 and I am 28 now.I lost my job as a banker and am now in Dental Hygiene School to get off unemployment asap.They reps today kept yelling we are coming for you car you need to handle your bills.I told her do not speak over me, we both cant speak at the same time.she sjust kept interrupting.I said listen...all I am trying to do is get an "intent to repo" letter and my husband's 401k will pay you in 3 days!!She said I cant rewrite our systems just for you...???huh...I said what are you talking about.My theory: I owe 5k on a car that I have already paid 20k on. I believe they want my car because now it is profitable to them.It is sad.When I was in school I worked for Capital One Auto Finance and we were NEVER to say the word repo til consumers were 90-120 days past due.I was the sweetest collector and people kept their word because I had Empathy...Never threats.My husband and I have been fighting.Over nothing.They are not worth it and we know this is not worth a fight and understand this company is crazy.So to finish off the last rep I talked to told me to hide my car!They are soooo bi-polar.I am so confused.All I needed was a form.Last time I cheked you don't need to re-so an entire computer system to send an email or even a copy of a previous bill!!!Anyways my father in law who is a judge is taking care of it and we are paying him back somehow with the hardship 401k loan..somehow!
N  9th of Nov, 2010 by 
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@ sarajolow ... If you are 35 days past due, they can repossess your vehicle, not 15 as others like to claim. If this was the FIRST time you were over 30 dpd they would more than likely not repo your car. It really depends on if you are in constant contact with them. If in fact you need 3 days to wire them the money, then yes, hide your car so the repo men cannot locate it. If you need more time then that, then you would need to worry about legal issues. You can always just pay off your car if you are able to borrow the money from your father in law. I can honestly tell you they do not "target" people or look at what you owe on the car!!! Also, if you are under a certain amount, they won't repo the car anyways and just charge the balance off to your credit. Repo's cost a lot of money and if there is a low balance remaining on your car it is just good business sense. As far as the reps, I cannot speak for individuals, Honda Financial Services POLICY is to treat the customer with respect even if they are past due. If you are being treated otherwise (and also treating the person you are on the phone with respect) then you need to report them to their supervisor. HFS/AFS does take these matters seriously. If you are yelling and cussing out the reps, then you will not be taken seriously. Capitol One Auto Finance may have different contract, but HFS contracts due state, per state laws, that they have the right to repossess after the grace period, which is generally 10 days. HFS doesn't repo until 31 dpd and only if you have a poor history or no contact with them. There are just too many late accounts to repo every car at 30 dpd!! If you have any additional questions, I would be happy to answer them for you - also give you any pointers in how to help!
N  20th of Nov, 2010 by 
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thanks for your help:-) So my car is up to date.Now I am STILL trying to satisfy our 401k company with a letter or proof that the car was in repo so we can make a repayment to my father0 in law.ARGH...they sent a copy of the contract...very broad...I need this letter.Any ideas?Thanks!!

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