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American Home Shield / scam and cheating

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I received information in the mail today about a lawsuit against AHS... they are requesting people who had service from 2001 till 2008 to participate in the settlement. This does not mean you will go to court, it means you will get a settlement for entering your side of your story (if wronged by AHS) and you will be entitled to any $$ compensation if they find them at fault. The following is a summary of my submission for the hearing. I hope they take this company down... although I would hate to see more people lose their jobs... They incompetence cost me well over $10, 000. If you would like to view the information about the hearing and or be a participant, here is the info site...

We had AHS service from July 2004 to July 2007. They repeatedly sent out the same company to 'fix' our Dishwasher. After the 5th or 6th time paying the deductible, I asked that they send out a new company b/c obviously, this company and its workers did not know the first thing about repairing dishwashers. I was told, 'no' and that I had to use the company they recommended. I repeatedly asked them why I should keep paying someone to come and 'fix' something if they aren't fixing it... no answer. I asked the so-called manager in charge if he would continue to pay someone to fix his car, appliances, etc. only to find it is not fixed. He said no. I asked him why I should continue to do so then & he said, 'that is not my problem.' Within moments of that comment he said, 'Oh I see that you are up for renewal next month. Would you like to renew your policy.' I cannot repeat my response to him.

The same situation occurred with our sewer. We ended up paying a separate company to come out and actually fix it. The same thing also happened to our AC... it was from 1964 (again, this is 2007 when this occurred). They sent someone out to 'fix' it, only to have it break, again days later, mid summer when it was 98 degrees and I was 7 months pregnant... you get the picture. I called again & had to argue with them that I was calling again about the same thing. They kept telling me that they had already sent someone out that week. I repeatedly told them that they did, but he didn't fix it & that I needed someone else. Again, I was told that I could not get another company, but they offered to send someone out to look at it again & I would not get charged the deductible. They sent out the SAME idiot who poked, prodded and said, everything was fine. My house was 85 degrees when the thermostat was set at 60 degrees. We paid a separate company to come out and give us a second opinion. The AC needed to be replaced... again it was from 1964. When I called AHS and told them, they said, 'so... why should we believe someone else?' We didn't renew... obviously.

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  • Va
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    I purchased a home warranty through American Home Shield Corp. and paid the annual warranty fee for several years. When my pool heater froze and a pipe burst during a freeze, I had an emergency situation on my hands. Water was leaking from the heater at a rate that would have drained the pool within a day.

    When I contacted American Home Shield Corp. to report the incident and file a claim, I was told that it would be two weeks before a service company would be able to investigate the problem. By then, tens of thousands of gallons of water would have been lost. Something needed to be done immediately. The company's response? You'll have to wait two weeks.

    To prevent more water loss and damage to my property, I called my pool maintenance company to remove the broken heater and fix the broken pipe. It was, after all, an emergency situation. When the American Home Shield contractor finally arrived, he advised the company that my pool had heater. Well DUH! He also attempted to charge me the $45 fee simply for reporting erroneous information. American Home Shield's response? You should have waited until our contractor could examine the problem. There is nothing we can do at this point.

    Think twice before buying ANYTHING from American Home Shield.

  • He
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    i, helen ragland, at 4606 weehaven dr, agree 100%, ahs. are the worst ihave seen, i have bee a menber for9 years, one-half of all mycall were not fix my air condition they said was put in wrong. ihave apeer-beam, i call them about my ducts under the house they told me it was not covered it sure is on my warrenty 95% off the company, s didn, t know what they were doing, most of the time theywould leave and tell me, someone had worked on it before taktng my 55.00 deposited . this went on for 8 years, reason i am a widow thats why ikept them, iwood cry and beg, HELEN RAGLAND

  • He
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    very bad

  • No
      27th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    In 2005 we contacted AHS with whom we had a contract with regarding a stoppage in our main drain in the basement. It was discovered when we had an installer trying to hook up our new washer. He said the drain was plugged and not useable in this condition. We immediately contacted AHS and explained the situation. We were given a phone number of a router rooter company and were told we had to use this particular company. The worker came out and spent less than an hour and said he was unable to clear the drain.The charge was $95.00.

    AHS said that they would not cover this stoppage. I asked them to give me a situation of a stoppage that they would cover as this was a clear cut text book problem. I was told each situation is different. I talked with them at length about my policy and what advantage does anyone have with this policy. I became heated and said that I was going to contact "60 Minutes" the TV program and have AHS investigated. I was sure that other people, like my family was being given a "dog and pony show" and nothing was going to be paid.

    We hired someone to come out and re-route our drain. The total cost was $300.00.

    Some time later AHS phoned to see if I would like to pay to extend my AHS contract. Of course I told them that I felt I was scammed by their company and didn't care to do business with them in the future.

    When I realized that others had experienced similar scams from the company, I felt that at least It is being brought to the surface and finally, maybe they will be held accountable.

    Norma Kueppers, Michigan

  • Co
      8th of Mar, 2009
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    We had similar experience. We had their service between April, 2004 and March 2005. Coe Wilson

  • Dr
      30th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I also was completely scammed by these fools, whose customer service rep's tried to convince me that their contract contained clauses it did not. I'm pretty sure earning my PhD allowed me to learn a few things about reading and understanding documents, but AHS is so categorically fraudulent that they will say and do ANYTHING to deny service. The fraud in my case was so blatant that I was able to resolve the issue with the service company (not AHS) that was sent out to "check on" my electrical problems. They admitted, though AHS would not, that my claim was just and their service was poor, so I was given a refund (again, from the repair contractor, not from AHS). I was glad to hear AHS is getting sued, but now I see they not only delayed the settlement but have now rescinded it? The class action website is eliminated:

  • Ah
      17th of Jul, 2010
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    I have had AHS for about 3 to 4 years. They were good until about April of this year. I pay $45 a month. They have fixed my washing machine once and my dryer a couple of times. No major parts broken. When my refrigerator broke, they order the part twice and it was the wrong part so after about 4 weeks they gave me a brand new refrigerator. so i had no complaints. when my AC broke in April of 2009 i called them and they sent out Harkins Air & Refrigeration. they went into the attic and said he would have to go and take information back the office. I asked him to check the outside unit because the neighbor had notice that the fan wasn't blowing; something like that. [The neighbor fixes Air conditioners and knew their was a problem. He checked the outside unit and it needed a motor. They called me back and said that because the ducts in the attic was not tied up correctly they could not fix anything until the problem in the attic was corrected. I ask them to fix the outside unit and i would get someone to fix the ducts in attic that has been like that for 15 years. they called back and said they couldn't fix the outside unit because of the problem in the attic. I called Harkins to get an estimate for the duct reparis and they never called me back. i was without air for 2 days going back and forth with them. The next morning i called Calvin's maintenace they came out at 8:30 a.m. put a new motor in and completed the job by 10:30 am. The motor was under warranty so i had to pay $200 for labor. I wasn't going to complaint since we got a new refrigerator. But My In-Laws, both in their 80's; temp 90 to 100 degrees; just got the warranty about 6 months ago; AC went out Monday 7/12/2010 and on 7/14/2010 she had to call them to see what they was going do and they told her because it hadn't been cleaned in several years was the reason it had broken. She had to call Baton Rouge AC and they came out that Thursday with the part and fix the AC by 1:00 p.m. It was also under warranty. we both had to pay our $60 withstand these high temps and way 3 days before getting AC fixed. To me a Scam is going on and Harkins AC in Baton Rouge is part of the scam. BEWARE!

  • Ma
      17th of May, 2011
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    How do I sign up for the law sue again AHS

  • Ma
      17th of May, 2011
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    I had to go without air condition for two month. Becasue I was told what happen to my unit was not under warranty. I had to call other company to come out and check my unit. I was told by the other company due to the bad weather we had. Some happen to my unit, plus last year they came out and repair the unit and I try to get them to replace it they.

  • Ji
      23rd of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    Yes, I had same experience with AHS, they will cheat on their coverage with items nothing to do with the repairs so they will pay the least. Their partner, like Airtronics (a/c repair), will conspire togehter to reduce their coverage payment. Please do no use AHS.

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