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american home servicing / Credit Damage

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I am a Disabled Veteran on fixed income. In the summer of 2008 I had a busted slap-hot water pipe under my house and it did flood my house. The water damaged my furniture, sheet rock and my wood cabinets. "Allstate is my insurance company, they wrote a check, for the damages and the repairs in my name and my Mortgage company's name which is "American Home Servicing Company" based out of California. The mortgage company insisted on mailing the check fully indorsed, by me, to them. They said that once I finish the repairs then they would send an Inspector to verify that the repairs are done then they would release the funds to me. I explained to them that I am a disabled veteran on fixed income; and if I do this I would not be able to make the monthly payment because I had to use the amount of the payment to do the repairs and they would need to take the amount of the monthly payment out of Allstate insurance check, which they agreed. After the repairs were done and Inspected by their agent, they released the funds minus the monthly payment just like they agreed with me. But, they reported me as being more than 30 days late to the three credit bureau!!!
This has damaged my credit and lowered my credit score and eliminated my chances in refinancing my home to the new low rate, which I need very much because when I became disabled in 2003 I lost my home and my car to the banks which damaged my credit severally, and when I bought this house in December of 2006 I Financed it with a two year Arm at a rate of 9.25%.
I am in trouble again because I can’t refinance my home with the new rates that is offered to people with over 700 FICA score. My score before this report by AHMSI was around the 700. But after they reported me as being late, it dropped drastically to the low 600's. I disputed the late report with the credit companies but their investigation resulted that I was more than 30 days late!!!

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  • Si
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    Well I just called American Home Servicing and was so upset at the customer service I received it was unreal. I know it was not the person's fault I dealt with but my anger is still very real. I called because for 2 years we have been with them, I have made all my payments on time never paying late, my husband in the last few months has taken a 2.50 an hour paycut, and been laid off 2 weeks out of every month. He is now back to work for 2 weeks and then will be laid off again most likely for good. We have barely managed to hold our heads above water, letting some bills go to make the house payment. This month I could not do it the money just wasn't there, I was getting killed on late fees, shut off notices for utilites whatever. I called explained everything said this is my house I want to keep it can you work with me, I listed all bills. Gentlemen put me on hold then came back and said I'm sorry but you are negative in funds per month, we cannot help you, I advise you to get your bills down and then call back. I was stunned I was due on the 1st of March it is now March 9 I explained I've never been late, I'm trying. I'm trying to get my bills down starting with you! He just repeated well we cannot help you, you do not make enough, I felt like saying NO S*%&! I just said alright I will tell you what since your so smart and you see I don't make enough don't you think lowering payment would help me? But no you don't see it that way so I'm going to pay you every other month because that is all I can do at this point, don't call me, don't harrass me. My credit will be screwed and there is nothing I can do, in the end I will not be able to refinance because my credit will be screwed and they will still have me over a barrel. Just doesn't seem right. I thought about getting a Loan Modification company to try to help me but have heard so many horror stories I don't dare to! Besides I do not have the 2400.00 they wanted to do it either. I don't know what else to do at this point. These people are insane, I obviously want my house I've never been late in over 2 years and I called immediately when I noticed I just can't do it, they didn't care.

  • Pr
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    american home servicing - remodification
    American Home Service
    United States

    Ive worked with AHSM for over a year on my remod- I did not qualify for a HAMP and was not offered any trail, however I just got my traditioanl remod pkg back and it was approved but I have a one week turnaround time they will not budge on. I am scared to death to sign it concerned about several high fess particulary insurance fees of over 15G for one year. My note went up 600 with this plan they are offering however my interest rate did go down to 4.7 I dont understand. Has anyone signed a remod with them yet are you please with your plan??

  • Ta
      25th of Jun, 2010
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    These mods are scams to take as much money and break you. Then foreclose and remove you. Once you are removed they can collect the default insurance and do it again. There are several ways you can use their fraud to your benefit. You can have your mortgage researched in the mortgage servicing pools and see who the investors are as they are the ones that own the note. I had my mortgage researched and it was found that for the last 6 years my mortgage has not been found. It was there the first 9 months we had the house then disappeared and can not be found from that point forward. This means my mortgage company does not have a claim as the mortgage has vanished. If anyone would like to know how I obtained this information

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