American Home Save, LLC. / Scam

2009-12-09 Jerry said refund should be processed

2009-12-15 Received email from Jerry, "Hi Hans, your refund has been approved and scheduled to be delivered to you next week. I will let you know when it goes into the mail."

2009-12-31 Received email from Jerry, "I checked on your refund and you receive it next week. Let me know when you get it."

2010-04-15 Jerry said will mail a check on 4/19

2010-06-07 Jerry said will mail two $500 checks

2010-06-18 Neill Weber said call him if Jerry didn't call me on Monday

2010-06-29 Neill said will call me on 2010-07-02

2010-07-08 Received email from Jerry, "I will have your refund for you scheduled within the next 30 days."

2010-09-01 Jerry said will send check in 2 weeks

2010-09-20 Called many times and no one answer

2010-09-21 Received email from Jerry said: Hans, a complaint will on further complicate this- I will get it out to you hopefully by the end of the week. I will send you an email update Friday.

2010-09-27 Did not receive email from Jerry, he did not keep his promise again. Called many times and left many messages asking them to call me back.


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