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I have been trying for two years to get this company to modify my mortgage. My husband was injured on his job four years ago, his foot was crushed and it was determined he can no longer work. Finally after two years of paper work, phone calls, lawyers etc, they sent me an application for modification. It stated that no forclosure would take place during the trial period. Immediately I began recieving forclsure threats. Without going into too much detail, I, like it seems most of you have been totally ignored by them since. They will not return phone calls, will not answer questions etc. I have since found out that they have thousands and thousands of complaints against them. One of their employees actually told me they are just going through the motions because our government is making them. Im frightened to death. Ive made some inquires and have found out that to start with you must contact your state banking commission, after that, the FCC (who through past experience I know can be very helpful) and your states attourney generals office among Im sure many others. With a similar problem I once had I even contacted the FBI White collar crime dept., who can be very helpful.We all need to find out who in government will stand up for us. This is criminal and something has to be done. They have nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown and I'm sure you must feel the same. I will pass on any info I come up with and hope you'll do the same. Maybe if enough of us do this together we can put an end to this fraudulant company and God willing save our homes.

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      3rd of Feb, 2010

    The Attorney General's office in my State filed a Law Suit against AHMSI in Nov. 2009 because they had a lot of complaints. I always paid extra on my Mtg. and when I had called in June 2009 to make my Mtg. payment the person in Customer Service at AHMSI informed me that I was 2 months behind and needed to go on some repayment plan. They upped my MTG payment $200 a month. I found out I had almost $2000 in some Reserve account that I could not use towards my payment. I asked what a reserve account was and I got 5 different answers. When I called to get the Western Union address to send my payment in I was told by someone in Customer Service that I didn't need to make a payment because I had all that money in reserve. I told the person that I was told I could not use it towards my payment. She told me she would transfer it for me. Two days later I get a phone call asking why I never sent my payment. I told them what the other person told me and I found out she never transferred the money. I got mad and found a phone number to the owner. I left a message telling them that if they did not call me within 24 hours I was going to call the Attorney General and contact a lawyer. i did receive a call from someone who did try to help but they still said I was behind. I finally just gave up and will probably file a suit. I am going to contact my ATTorney General to find out what is going on with the Lawsuit they filed.

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