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American Home Mortgage Services, inc / Calls and mishanding of loan Modifcation

1 TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-237-4277

I asked them for a loan Stipulation. I followed their procedures exactly. We did everything with in the time frame they gave us.

When I received a call about being late on my payment, I went on their website and look at the informaton about the loan stipualtion, it said the letter was poseted on the 29th of Sept and I acknowledged it on Oct 1st but it was disapproed because I did not acknowledge in 5 days. According my calucation, I made their deline. I called them talk to one of their personal who could not speak Engish very well. He did not listen to what I was saying but repeated I owe x amount of money and when was I going to pay it. I finally got him to transfer me to a supervisor. She could not do anythng about the calls or my problem as the department she needed to contact was closed. I also went on their site and filed a complaint about the problem. The next person I talk to could not even look at my account information except for the amount I owed and this person was in the correct department to handle the problem. I had to give hime my user name and password so he could sign in as me to see what I was complaining about. Once I did this, he was suppose to correct the problem. Over the last weekend, I received over 6 calls from them and the problem was still there. Again all of the operators we talked to would not litsten to what we were telling. I finally got a supervisor who look at the notes and saw what we were talking about. Even after she agreed with us and made notes to the account we got more calls and had the same problem as they would not read the notes on the account. They told us they could not stop the calls unless we sent to them in writing a letter explaining why they did to stop the calls.

The funny part of all this is we had sold the house on Friday but missed the cutoff to wire transfer the money to them on Friday. Now I am waiting to see if they actually clear negative report on my credit report and refund late fees as I was told they would.

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  • Th
      13th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    My issue with American Home Mortgage has to do with insurance. I use a private company to pay my insurance. Repeatedly, they take out an escrow account--this has been going on for years. Eventually, I get a check back from them. Yet it goes on. Today I was told that in order for them to talk to my insurance company, I need to send a hand-written note authorizing the insurance company to talk to them. The insurance company has talked to them before, and has never been told this.

  • Da
      25th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I just tried to get a modification and was rejected due to not enough income.we just paid $14000 out of pocket due a recent diagnosis of my wife s stage 3 breast cancer and they are rejecting due to lack of income and the inability to pay the note.They are a fing joke, one person says this, anothers says taht and on and on.

    My big compalint is they offered me a stipulation to move 2 months to the end of the loan if i paid a month so it would show current.Well they added all the intrest and principal to the end of the loan not just extending the laon payoff date thus increasing the balance from 268k to 274K.I told them they were out of their minds, it would take me 2 1/2 years to make that up with the 2300 in intrest i am paying every month. I do no feel that they are reputable and are taking advantage of people.

    I told them today yeah $3200.00 per month is tough right now with medical bills, etc, etc etc.but $2000.00 is notJjust lower my intrest rate to 5% and the problem is solved!!!i know they need to pay investors but everyone lost last year so tough frigging crap, i lost my 401 k too!!!

    get real, help the people and maybe some of their employees can keep their jobs too!lets see 26k a year in intrest, gotta be enough for one low paying job.greed is rampant, do you guys want 12 k a year or zilch?????

  • Ol
      9th of Mar, 2009
    +2 Votes

    American Home Mortage is a predatory company. They put us in an ARM and charged us fees that they promised they wouldn't charge us. We have been repeatedly asking them for help over the past couple of months, and their personnel (again they do not speak English very well), have systematically refused to offer us assistance. I called them back in November when I knew we were going to need help. I have been laid off, my husband is a private construction contractor...we have no work. I asked if they participated in the FHA Hope for Homeowners and of course they did not. I asked them to help us with a modification over and over they have still not sent us any paper work as promised (it has been 5 months). When I last spoke to them in November they asked me to "post date a check." This is illegal and when I told them that on the phone, they representative got nervous. I then asked if they were a fannie mae or freddie mac bank, and they said they were not, but it says fanny mae on my loan paperwork. When I asked them about the new information on President Obama's latest stimulus package, and they said that "they have no information about that." How is it that this company is not helping any of us? Why are other lenders working with their customers and this company just continues to harass and mishandle their clients' mortgages. We are practically on the street, and they refuse to acknowledge that we need help!

  • Cy
      7th of Apr, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I have had nothing but problems with American Home Mortgage Services. They do not listen and can not speak english to where you can understand it. Although the phone calls start on the first of the month every month. Yep thats right we get a phone call from them daily. Here is what I have submitted to my Attorney General, Dan Burton and Richard Lugar, my state's congressmen:

    To whom this concerns,

    We are having difficulty with our Mortgage Company. Following you will find a small statement regarding what I have been through in the last week, but it has been a problem for several months.

    My house payment is due on the first of every month. Due to my husband being on unemployment through the winter we have fallen behind on our payment two to three weeks. Our payment including any late fees are always paid before our next payment is due. Except this month (March).

    On March 16th, I went to my Credit Union and purchased a $900.00 Cashier Check made payable to American Home Mortgage Services, Inc. (AHMSI) and mailed to P.O. Box 66029 Dallas, TX. 75266-0029. (mailing address from website and click on payment options)

    On March 23rd, I went to my Credit Union and purchased a Cashier Check in the amount of $280.00 made payable to AHMSI and mailed it to the same address mentioned above on this date.

    AHMSI has called me several times regarding my payment for March and I have explained each time that I had mailed 2 seperate checks for the amounts mentioned above on the dates mentioned above. No one is willing to help me out with the checks that have just dissappeared.

    My husband received a call from AHMSI on the morning of March 27th regarding our March payment. My husband told them that we had mailed both checks. The associate with AHMSI wanted faxed copies of the Cashier Check Stubs. My husband called me and I faxed them to AHMSI attention Resolution Department on the afternoon of March 27th. I have the fax receipt where the fax went through.

    On March 30th while on my 45 minute lunch break, I called AHMSI to see if my payments had been found. The payments had not been found. I spoke with the associate about putting a stop-payment on each check and have the checks re-issued and mailed to them Return Receipt. The associate told me that I could not do that, because if the checks were found and deposited and I had a stop-payment placed on them that they would charge me $30.00 per check. I was not happy about that. I am trying to make this good with my Mortgage Company and they are not willing to help me. After about 30 minutes on the phone with AHMSI I got no where and called my Credit Union Customer Service line and verified that the checks had not been honored yet. The checks had not been honored. After getting off work at 4:00pm on March 30th, I went straight to my Credit Union hoping that I could have someone there help me out in speaking with someone from AHMSI. I met with Justin at Forum Credit Union and told him my situation and he promptly sat me in his office and we used his phone to contact AHMSI regarding the Cashier Checks. After giving AHMSI permission for Justin to speak with them about my account, Just told them he needed a letter from AHMSI faxed to him stating that if they finally received the Cashier Checks that they would not cash them and that he could put Stop-Payments on the checks right then and he would wire the money to AHMSI right then as well. AHMSI would not help me in any way. The associate told Jutin that I had faxed copies of the Cashier Checks on March 27th and that we should give it a couple of days for a response. The call ended shortly after that. Call time approximately 30 minutes.

    All the while AHMSI is blaming my Credit Union and my Post Office for mis-guiding these payments. The payments were mailed to the mailing address provided on AHMSI's website.

    On April 3rd I again went to my bank arriving there at 2:00pm. I was helped by Pamela at teller for Forum Credit Union. I had Pamela look up the Casher Check numbers to verify that they had not been honored yet. The checks had not been honored. I explained to her that I sat with Justin on Monday March 30th and he attempted to help me. I explained the situation to Pamela as Justin was at lunch. She promptly took me to an office and made a call to AHMSI on my behalf. Before AHMSI would talk to her I had to verify my information with AHMSI and give permission to Pamela to speak with them regarding the Cashier Checks mailed out in March. Pamela sat with me for an hour off and on, on hold with AHMSI. Pamela stated to AHMSI that all she needed to put a Stop-Payment on the 2 checks was a faxed letter on letter head stating that they had not received the checks yet and then she could re-issue to checks for the same amount or that she could wire the money at that time. We got no where with the associate we were speaking with so Pamela requested to speak with a Supervisor. After being on hold approximately 15 minuates with no communication from AHMSI, we were greated by Emily who stated she was a Supervisor. We went through everything again with Emily, stating that we just needed a faxed letter and I could get the money to them. Emily would not help either. I requested to speak to the Supervisor of Emily and was placed on hold again for about 10 minutes. Supervisor Shonta came on the line. Shonta asked why I did not make my mortgage payment online. I told her that AHMSI had locked my account online and I was not able to make payments online. I also was not even able to view my Mortgage statement for several months now. Once again I told Shonta my whole ordeal since faxing proof of payment to them on March 27th. After being on the phone with AHMSI for 2 hours and 30 minutes (on hold for over half of this time) I was told that they could no longer keep me on hold and that someone would call me back. I have yet to receive a phone call.

    Shonta with AHMSI also advised me that I would probably receive a 20 day notice letter in the mail. This letter will state that if March and April payments have not been made by a certain date that AHMSI will start the foreclosure process on my home. I told her she better make sure that letter does not go out to me.

    I am so frustrated that I am having to jump through hoops just to get a stop payment placed on these checks so I can make my March payment. We will be making out April payment on April 10th regardless of wether the March payment has been found. However, when we make our April payment it will get credited to March's payment and we will still be in the same boat we were in.

  • Ta
      29th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    WOW! Guess we aren't the only ones having problems with AHMS! We have been going round and round with this company for 2 years now! It's always something. From them making a mistake one year and increasing our payments the second year by $500, to them not paying our taxes like they are supposed to! Oh, I'm sorry. They sent the payment but when it was returned to them they didn't they needed to find out why or inform us so that we could find out. WHen we brought it to their attention it took 2 months for them to send the payment and they never did tell us it got sent...we had to call the tax office! They will call you when your payment is a day late and a dollar short but if they have done something wrong don't expect them to answer any calls or emails! We are 2 months behind on our payments and have a FIRM offer on our house but they are saying that if we don't pay them the 2 months due and have payoff in 30 days they will forclose! If we had the 2 months past due we would have already paid it and sorry but we can't close that fast! We have done everything right trying not to loose this house yet they won't help in any way! We aren't even asking for a short sale! We are willing to pay out of our pockets just to get this out from under us!

    We are trying to right but they are making us jump through hoops and still tell us it isn't good enough! Aren't there any laws on OUR side?

  • Wr
      25th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My husband and I are tired of dealing with AHMSI too! We got a lawyer and he agreed to take on the case. He is wanting us to find out if there is any other people that are in the same vote. More people on board the stronger the case will be. We posted a comment on here too under the name wRIGHTS- family. My address is Please get ahold of us! Thanks so much for taking your time reading this.

  • Ja
      26th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    you couldnt even imagine the loss of sleep ive been going through because american home mortgage has placed my house on the auction block, set to sale january 26, 2010 TODAY is january 26, 2010 i dont know if i was auctioned off or what i own four houses in a row here in los angles county ive been a resident here in this one im in now since 1969 i purchased it for 13000.00 at that time, in 2006 i took a loan out on my house and the hose next door, I did this to pay off 13 additional homes throughout southern and northern california, this isnt my first rodeo to the mortgage companies but NEVER had to deal with a more uncooperative, insensitive, lieing, decieving and not to be trusted cause they dont keep their words, or dont know what they are even talking about in the first place kinda company, so to make my longer story short. American Home Mortgage Servicing has placed me into forclosure and claimed i was 7 payments behind They have only been servicing my loan for seven months that would mean i havent paid them at all? this is crazy, I have two mortgages serviced by american home mortgage service, the one in forclosure the payment is 2509.63 the others payment is 2320.00 so each month i send the checks hopefully before the 15th of the month to avoid costs and what notts, not only do i have proof of payments they recieved and cashed from my bank statements, i dont understand why every month the statements say at the bottom of the page pay 2509.63 and do not mention a missed payment ?i get a letter in july i was ion forclosure for non payment i was thinking it was a mistake and a joke, since that time i continued to send payments each month, i wrote letters, called, emailed the telephone number THE ONLY TELEPHONE NUMBETR IS A JOKE (never almost next to impossible to get thru) in october my check gets sent back for not being the correct amount i should have paid and maybe it was that or maybe it was needing to be in form of a cashiers check? i recieved the october written out date of the 13 th but recieved the check and letter back on the 31st. on november 9 2009 american home mortgage servicing without my authorization or even me knowing they debited my account in the amount 9550.00 automatic debit, but get this another mind blower, placed the funds in the account i had already sent payment on. The wrong loan number, im floored by this but wasnt asking for a refund just yet, because of the accused forclosure.i called and demanded them to transfer funds into the other loan why would i authorize any 9500.00 to a loan that we both agree i was current on? i did not agree to the forclosure fees associated with the balance due, am will not pay for it. i have been in constant communication with them more than they have with me each time i get any dumb response like their goal was to help the homeowner in any way and how they strive to have upper most customer service skills WOW, i have faxed my bank statements three times to home retention, the main peeps (who knows ) i have placed complaints with the BBB 2x's and they did respond to only one but, it was some wrong information as to the amount that was transferred to the correct loan account, the web site says only 7000.00 was transferred into the loan account where is the other amount of 2200.00 lost right? i have called the default resolution network the company that is holding the trustee sale and explained to them that my account was current and there is a mistake, their reply was that the forclosure was indeed on hole but american mortgage sent me a letter yesterday saying that i shouldnt stop paying the payment but, also while the investigation was taking place it didnt excuse me from the auction any ways, default resolution company in san fransisco again told me the forclosure was still on hold, but american home mortgage still wants me to fax again my proof front and back copies (i have to order from the bank ) i sent this months cashiers check in for the normal 25590.02 (late fees included) but who know s really what happened in norwalk auction today im ready to sue the moe foes i have complained to the federal reserve, federal trade commissioner, comptroller of currency of california, board of corporations, hud, hopenow, three local media stations in my town, even barbra boxer my senator's office, NOT ONE of these corporations or entities has helped me, just lame emails saying a complaint number no resolution whatsoever. why try im starting to think why complain, this letter ive just sat here and typed will still prove to be useless. i wont even know if im heard from anyone out there who is in the same boat, american home mortgage says that i need 21000.00 to bring the loan current.? or i will be forclosed on 2509.02 @ 7 payments is 17563.14 i have proodf of 29500.00 in canceled checks from the bank whats wrong with this picture and i dont believe that this company is able to handle real estate and the controll over the general publics homes, and are [censored]ing me out of my house, they are a collection agency, and i must remember this .is someone else in this world ready to put this company outa business? email me at this is so out of control., .

  • Ro
      28th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    american home assumed my mortgage a year ago, from city residential. I have always carried my own home owners insurance and I pay my property taxes as well. american home started an escrow account for me..i didnt want or need this escrow, , my payment went from 672.11 to over 856.00 a month. i have tried repeatatly to send proof of taxes paid and insurance to the research dept fax #...they tell me thetyre fixing the problem but every month i dont pay the new increased house payment i am accruing late charges and am in danger of foreclousre...i now owe 1800.00 in escrow shortages and insurance fees...even if i paid these phantom escrow charges i have no guarntee they will reduce my payment to what it was before they did scared ill be throwing good money after bad...i dont want to fix the garage roof or do repairs for fear ill lose the house to this corupt winter taxes are due im going to pay 700.00 to take care of them and yet american has an escrow account set up..what a joke

  • Fe
      8th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    AHMSI are nothing but a bunch of crooks. Our trouble started with them in July 2009 when they paid our property taxes AFTER we had already paid them (we were not escrowed). Then they said that WE had to pay THEM back that they would not wait for their refund from the county tax office and then because of THEIR mistake they did a forced escrow, even though we explained to them that they were the problem not us. The next fiasco with them is that we have been attempting to do a loan modification, in which they never return our phone calls (we’ve left as many as 20 messages in a week’s time with no response) or if they do decide to call us it is to ask for more and more documentation, which I send it to them the very same day of their request. This has been going on since October 2009 and still no word if they are going to do a mod or not. Third problem with them was with the homeowners insurance, which nothing had changed, same policy etc, but they claimed we didnt have insurance (this was December 2009), when we do. We had to send documentation of coverage numerous times. If you look at the report on at the U.S. Treasury website you will see that through the end of December 2009 they have only completed 232 permanent modifications, so for those of you who are so unfortunate to have your mortgage serviced by this company, I wouldn't hold my breath about getting a loan mod. If they don't do a loan mod we are walking and I hope this house sits empty until it falls down. I wouldn't wish this mortgage servicer on my worst enemy.

  • Da
      11th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I would like any information on any pending lawsuit that concenrs AHMS, inc. I will not go into the troubles we are having, but they are similar to the ones we have read about on this site. my e-mail is Appreciate anyones assistance in this manner.

  • Da
      11th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I think the AHMS mortgage company are crooks

  • Wr
      22nd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Our lawyer is in deposition for the next two weeks. The IT person is working with the web designer to allow information from visitors to the site to be added in certain areas. Sorry it is tking longer than expected. We will keep you posted.

    Kevin & Tracy

  • Lo
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    We have been trying to get a loan Modification since September 09. All the same issues that I have read above. Basically, no service whatsoever.

  • Fe
      1st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    We are having the same problem with the insurance issue. We have provided proof and they still increase our payments almost $340 per month. Everything I've paid they put in escrow and I still am behind when actually, the only payment I owe for is due today. When I call them, I will not talk to anyone who is not in the United States and I ask each time and I usually get somebody in India and I make them transfer me to the US then I ask for their name and keep notations and their employee ID # and where they are located in the US. I still am not getting anywhere. Today, however, I received a letter indicating that they had received info that my insurance was paid privately and they would be correcting the problem, but I'm not hollding my breath. I, too would like to know if there is any legal action against this company.

    Fedup in Iowa

  • Ne
      1st of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I currently have a negative amortization loan with American Home Mortgage and just recently sent them the documents (07/28/2010) to do a loan modification. After reading all your comments I must say I am nervous. I will keep you updated on how things go I just sent the documents two days ago so an update might take a while

  • Wr
      17th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    we would like to have you look at this web site not to sound like bad news but they will probably start making you fill out the same stuff a hundred times and you might get nowhere i surely hope this doesn t happen but keep this web site in mind and check it out now

  • El
      22nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I purchased a home - closed Jan 06 with an ARM of 9.95% - scheduled to adjust in 2 years. I was sucessful in getting the Bush Administration rate freeze, before it adjusted to (per note - no less than 9.95 and no more than 15.95) the BUSH freeze was to last for 5 years. that froze any adjustments and left the ARM at 9.95 %. Then in 2009 i tried for a loan modification, they turned me down, with little explanation and reason of too little income. To date, i have never been late since i got the house. Last year while talking to a AHMSI - i spoke to an American rep. (you can ask the folks in India to talk to someone in the States, as they sound very scripted - they speak English but dont understand English and especially our "slang". So if your question to India is Sophiscated enough, you can talk over their heads and politely ask to be transfer to the US rep.) The rep encouraged me to try again, after Obama was elected and the HAMP plan was in place. He put me on hold and reviewed the previous turn down and agreed it didnt make any sense to him either. Bottom line is, i stared the HAMP process in June 2010 - called them every week for a status, sent them the additional info they requested by mail and fax... and i am happy to say, they approved me and as of Jan 2011 my rate is now a fixed rate of 5.2%. My point is reasearch the loan Mod process on the Net. Read what instructions the Govt. gives to the Servicer... that helps. And stay on top of it. I was suprised, but sucessful, Yes AHMSI has been a headache with escrow and insurance, but i took the advice of the Rep and tried again, and it worked this time. i also make my payments on their website, but during the HAMP process, i couldnt. Also they will tell you that even tho you are in a Trial Period, your note is still "X" amount, and what i did was to continue sending in the same amount and did Not send them the reduced trial payments as they HAMP trial period, would allow me to do. my email is

  • Da
      30th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is the worst mortgage company I ever dealt with. Everytime I call them with a question I get a different answers from each representative. They are horrible. My husband and I have some financial issues. He is self-employed and business was very bad this year. I have been calling them explaining my situation regarding my finances. We were 4 months behind they sent me a notice that they will auction my house on April 14th. I called them to see what options I had. I spoke to someone last week and they told me if I would come up with half of what I owe, they could put me in repayment plan. I called them today and they said they can no longer do it. That option was not available anymore because of issues they had with it. I can't believe that they can do that!!!Now they want me to come up with $6, 000 and that's including their court cost fees before April 14th to stop foreclosure. On top of all that, I had some damage done to my house due to inclement weather. The Home insurance company made the check to myself and the mortgage company. I had to send this to AHMSI to endorse. They actually kept the check and told me they have it in an escrow account. They could not release the funds to the contractor to work on my home because of the status on my account. Unbelieveable!!!If anyone has any good suggestions on what to do in this situation, please let me know. I don't want them to auction my house.

  • Ma
      7th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I would contact the insurance company and explain the situation to them. The check was issued in Good Faith to fix a problem with your home. Without these fixes will the problem get worse. The insurance coverage will not pay for future damages from neglecting to fix what they paid for. The next question for American is are they going to assume the cost if the problem gets worse on your home. I work for a company called USFP I would contact them with your situation they are from Las Vegas. I have American home for a lender also and appalled at the way they handled the business.

  • Gl
      23rd of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Here's the kicker, on a home modification, it took AHMSI about a year to go from a 9.55%, which we started off with, to a 9.55%. Go figure!!!

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