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American Home Mortgage Services Inc / Unethical and difficult to understand

1 FL, United States

In November, I was late with a payment. We had a really rough month in October, and I was unable to make the insurance payment for the home, as well. Of course, AHMSI paid the insurance, but refused to tack on an additional hundred dollars or so to my monthly payment, as Option One had done in a prior year. Since then, I have accrued late fees, and late fees on my late fees. I have paid over 7000.00 since the end of October, only to be told by them I still owe nearly 4000.00. When we paid them a lump sum of 3000.00 in an attempt to catch up in early Feburary (this was not our only payment in the meantime- we have been giving them the usual payments in the meantime), they made the charge twice, and refused any appeal to please put that money back- we only authorized one payment of 3000.00, but they took a total of 6000.00. When I told them I had 4 kids to feed, they said that there was no way they could return the money, and it could take up to 30 days to resolve the issue. I asked them what was I supposed to feed my children in the meantime- they didn't care. I should be behind about 1000.00 by my calculations, but now, I am at the risk of forclosure because they don't seem to know how to apply the payment recieved to the right balances owed.

And I hate how whenever you actually get an operator on the line, the first thing they say is "You owe us [so and so], how do you intend to pay that today".

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