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I was having a heat check on 10/14/08 and was told I needed a new furnace and a/c unit for a cost of $5100. I asked why I would need a new a/c and was told it was all part of the unit. This is not a heat pump it is 2 separate units. He went on and on about how good he was and how every tech was to have a camera to look into the furnace. Why wasn't it important to have a carbon monoxide tester with him?

He said I would have carbone monoxide gas coming in but he didn't have a meter to test it and would come back. Well he never even called to make another appointment. I had another company come in for a second opinion an was told there was nothing wrong with my furnace.

Their quality control person called and I told him what happened, he said they would call back but that never happened either. I also sent an email to the company and they have never responded either.

This company is nothing short of thief's.

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  • Ah
      Dec 05, 2008

    At first, when I came across this post, I thought it sounded familiar. It seems that this complaint has been posted on this same website before, on [protected] by a different user, Bartolamey titled 'Scam and cheating'. However, the complaint is the exact same, word for word. Looks to me more like a personal grudge, than a real complaint. If you have a real complaint, call the company at [protected].

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  • Jo
      Aug 07, 2009

    I just had american home maintenance out to my house to give me an estimate on my a/c unit. It was the worst experience i have ever had with any contractor in my life from start to finish. wouldn't return my calls, over priced, unknowledgeable, no written estimate, i could go on forever and they didn't even install my unit. hopefully Home Depot drops there account with them.

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  • Ki
      Jun 24, 2010
    American Home Maintenance - Pressure Sales &
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    My home insurance is with American Home Shield.. American Home Maintenance Told me that if I didn't have my heating & air checked every year that AHS would void my warranty. So the guy who came out pressured me into buying a 3yr contract with them for $499. Now for a year every time they came to inspect they gave me the same story...You need to replace your AC and we can do it for $8000. Yeah right. Never said anything about heater. They had to replace a part that cost me over $300. The other day I thought the AC was going down so called AHS and they have never heard of AHM. Really?? Now I'm pissed and violated. Plus the $300 would have cost $45 through AHS. So after filign complaint with BBB they refunded $299. Make sure before you have someone tell you this you check with your home insurance. FYI. They're out there its our job to shut them down!!!

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  • Le
      Jul 21, 2010
    American Home Maintenance - High Preassure Sales
    American Home Maintenance
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    I purchased a new air conditioner from AHM about 13 months ago and the compressor died. We contacted AHM and they sent a technician out. The initial invoice he gave us was for $1, 379.00 to repair the unit this was to pay for the labor charges only since the compressor is still under manufacture warranty and we had purchased a maintenance program from them which covers refrigerant and a 20% discount on any labor charges. My wife asked the technician Dustin Wilson, why the cost was so high, but he basically said that was the cost and put her in touch with his service manager. The service manager said that the best he could do was give her a 20% discount since we purchased it from home depot. But since he felt sorry for her told her to just pay the $1103.20 and he will give us a 10 year warranty. Which to me just sounded like they made the price high to sell a 10 year warranty. I made several attempts to contact the service manager and he never once returned my calls. He did have his tech call me, and he basically said that $1100 was the national average. Which didn't answer my question on what it should cost. Since I wasn't asking what the national average was. After further discussion with the tech he said he would do it for $500.00 which he said was the actually labor cost. But it just seems like they pull numbers out of the air. If it was only $500.00 why do they give us an initial quote of $1379.00? In the end they ended up selling my wife a 900.00 10 year policy minus 60.00 for the one day they could not fix the unit and we had to sit in the heat. They also made this sound like a huge favor to us since the actually cost is suppose to be around $1099.00. Seems very shady, very unhappy with my experience.

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