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American Grant Club / Unauthorized Charges

United States Review updated:
I like many others only authorized the $1.95 be withdrawn from my account and now $56.01 is being withdrawn. I tried to call the company only to have the call disconnect. This happened on three different phones. I want to find out how to stop having them withdraw money from my account


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  9th of Dec, 2008
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I recently was on a website where they said for 2.95 they would send you info on getting a grant. All of a sudden I have a chage of $59.95 show up in my checking account, which was never authorized, I'm disputing it with my bank, . I called the number they have 1-877-624-3038, but it doesn't even ring. Does anyone know how to stop them from taking a payment out of the checking account? Don't trust anyone.
  10th of Dec, 2008
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there is many more of us that this has happened too. i too was decepted
  16th of Dec, 2008
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The same as the previous complainant. I visited the website for a $2.95 government grant list and am being charged $57.61/mo . I too tried calling the ph no. provided at the website with no answer.
I need to find out how to get these charges stopped. And if possible recover the money these crooks have scammed me for.
  19th of Dec, 2008
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i just looked on my credit card statement and found the added charges from american grant club. called my credit card company and they gave me their number to contact them. when i did they said i should have read the agreement contract that states if you dont cancel within 7 days of ordering you agree to be charged $58.61 on your monthly statement. i think this is B.S. so i emailed them and called them and they said it was already cancelled through my email i sent. i sent the email and called them 5 mins later so it goes through right away and they recieve. i suggest you log on to your grant site and go to contact, select cancellation and then give them a call at 1 (877) 624-3038 to make sure they cancelled it. hope this helps everyone!
  20th of Dec, 2008
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I just checked my bank account today, and like others, I have been charged $58.61. I have never been on their website, and don't even know what the web address is. I called the number on my bank account and was on hold for 60 minutes (yes, 1 hour) before I finally hung up. I never ordered anything from them. Is there anything I can do to cancel this and get my money back?
  21st of Dec, 2008
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American Grant Club - charginmg my credit card whithou me knowing
government grants
United States

I paid $1.98 for them to send me information on government grants, they sent me nothing but keep charging my credit card, and I don't know how to stop this, when I tryied to look them up on yahoo I got this website
  2nd of Jan, 2009
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I called the Las VEgas BBB and they have gotten338 complaints about this unlicensed firm (call 702-229-6281 to complain about that or go to www.vegasbbb.org) and then contact consumer affairs and go to www.fyiconsumer.org, download the complaint form, fill it out, add the necessary paperwork and send it in) takes some time but will eventually shut them down. good luck!!!
  8th of Jan, 2009
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Same thing happened to me. Guess what? I read the agreement before ordering the CD! Nowhere did the agreement state that I was signing up for internet access with the CD and/or that I would have to cancell within 7 days. Evidently they offer different CD's for free or very inexpensive so that they can scam and defraud on the internet access fees, which you get billed for a week later. Not only is this totally fraudulent but if I have a 7 day trial before getting billed: give me some information on how to access the site and what I can do on the site. You are right on: total B.S. and then some. I thought fraud was illegal, bait and switch was illegal as well as these kind of business tactics. Are all the credit card companies and banks letting their customers fall prey to this? If they do nothing----what can we do? Ponder that!!! I will soon find out how my bank is going to handle this matter.
  7th of Feb, 2009
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I hesitate to say this, but for fun I read the text in the site on Facebook. Number one, you have to have your head in the sand these days to not check out something like this before you do it. Number two, after reading the testimonials, most of which suggested cruises with the family after receiving federal grants, paying off you credit debt, (which YOU enjoyed the things you paid for by using your credit card, and now you want ME and the rest of the country to pay for it for you? ) ...in my opinion, y'all got exactly what you deserved. Greed preys on greed, anyone who had any kind of a conscience couldn't have felt right about this kind of thing anyway. Yes, it's a fraud, and a ripoff, but you deserved it for wanting to get MY money that I pay in taxes to pay for YOUR life. I'm laughing.
  9th of Feb, 2009
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Yeah anyone that falls for this deserves it. A sucker is born every minute and you all are the suckers of the world. Don't be greedy and work and don't be irresponsible and rack up debt. You are the reason the country is having these problems right now.
  27th of Feb, 2009
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Much like MyCal, I read all of the information too, the charges were NEVER DISCLOSED. That they may have subsequently added that information AFTER receiving complaints is not my concern or my problem.

I am not GREEDY, I was legitimately looking for information about grants, and I have no problem paying for a site that aggregates that information for me so I don't have to search for it.

Those people who are quick to denigrate and generalize are shameful and a waste of space. Grants are there for legitimate purposes - people have inventions, ideas, concepts that grants were devised to address - to insult me or anyone like me who wishes to seek information about taking advantage of these grants shows your ignorance, bigotry and intolerance. Perhaps you should save your ire for the people who perpetuate the scams, instead of the ones who DID READ THE FINE PRINT and the charges were NOT disclosed. Thanks for chiming in, you ###s.
  7th of Mar, 2010
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I also paid $1.98 for the information they said they do not send out cds anymore that everything is online but they are continually charging my account for $57.61. But they won't get this next month because I am going to call the bank and have them reject this amount each month.
  6th of Aug, 2010
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I received a phone call asking if I wanted a housing grant, all I had to do was explain why I needed this housing grant.Then told to pay $2.97 for my user name and password sent to me.When I asked what the name of the website was called I looked it up and told the man on the phone don't contact me again trying to rip me off for my credit card numbers.He said you can afford the $2.97 .I said sure I can but the government grants don't cost anything for their websites or applications so I can't afford what you would be robbing out of my account.The old saying if it sounds to good to be true it usually is.Never give out your information to a stranger over the phone, especially when the call is on the caller I.D. as private name private number called.

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