American Family PublishersFree money and a new car

I got a call from American Family Publishers and was told my mother did not respond to the mailing which i now find out was never sent or received. Told me she had won $3, 800, 000.00 and a new Mercedes then said would send me an e-mail which did not happen. Like a fool I accepted the prize and gave my name over the telephone. Was to here about this win but have not heard anything. I am concerned and have checked that this appears to be a scam. I spoke with Mr.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Tulsa, OKHarris Baxter from Tulsa Oklahoma at [protected]. Called the number several times and only get a recording. I have researched this company on line and they have hit several people especially the elderly and seniors. This must be stopped if it is a scam as stated on-line and needs to be addressed immediately before to many more people get hurt. I was given an address in Tulsa Oklahoma however when researching this there is no American Family Publishers found in Tulsa Oklahoma.

May 17, 2017

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