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I saw a flier for AFCA back in 1998 and I called it. I went to their office in Richmond, CA to get help with getting a credit card, since my credit was not very good. They told me that in order to get the credit card, I had to become a member and pay a $5.00 monthly fee for one year, and that they would report my good payment history to all 3 credit bureaus monthly, which would improve my credit.

After I no longer had the credit card about one year later I believe, they still kept charging me the $5.00 fee and still do now. I tried to have my bank stop them from doing this, but they told me that only AFCA can cancel this preauthorize monthly fee withdrawal. It's been about 10 years now, which means they have taken about $1000.00 out of my checking account, with no services in return! How do I get my money back?

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  • Jd
      10th of Apr, 2009

    I am experiencing the same issue. I can't get the $5.00 preauthorized charge off of my bank account. I have had my account for over 10 years and I have also been paying the fee with no accountability for any of their services. I cannot even find this company to stop this withdrawal. I, too, want to know how to get my money back.

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  • Ge
      1st of May, 2009

    to fix this issue, you cannot get money back but you may be able to stop billing by sending a letter to america fair credit association at 200 S Colorado BLVD Denver CO 80222 care of MARTY GRAJEDA the letter needs to state I CANCELL THIS CONTRACT, include full name . bank .and if you are comfortable doing so the last 4 digits of att, # being billed this is the method advised on the lawfirm's website that was involved in the 2003 class action suit agasinst them(afca lost) the address on thewebsite is to a po box that is closed but I found the address of afca and a phone # to callask for MARTY GRAJEDA, do not talk to anyone but him or you will just get derailed and dismissed. the # I called (303)980-1947 Note--------If he knows whaty you are calling about you may not get him on the line, if you do get him tell him your full mane and state "I WANT TO CANCELL THIS CONTRACT" send either way good luck to you

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  • Mi
      25th of May, 2009

    All of you are whiners and babies. You need to read your contract. I signed up with AFCA and they helped me build my credit score over 700, I know what I need to cancel when I'm ready. We were all adults when they helped us get a credit card, now you need to grow up and take responsibility and stop complaining. AFCA is a good company. You should be complaining about your school, because they didn't teach you how to read, pay attention and stop whining.

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  • Va
      8th of Jul, 2009

    I'm experiencing the same issue. I can't get the $5.00 preauthorized charge off my bank account. They have been taking this money out of my checking since 1992, I can't find the company either. Thank you for the information.

    To the person who call us whiners you need to shut-up, because they haven't stiff you yet and until they do go hide under a rock.

    I'm not saying they are not a good company but if you moved or go out of business you should let your customers know so they can concact the company. At this point no one knows how to contact them Mr. SMARTY PANTS and if ypu know you sholud let us know so we can get or maney back.

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  • De
      14th of Sep, 2009

    I am experiencing the same thing, my husband saw the ad for AFCA back in 1999 and because we were moving when the information arrived, We had forgotten all about it, now some 10 years later we are still being charged the $5.00 monthly fee and my bank has also told us that only AFCA can stop this fee well, I have called the number provided in the packet to no avail so thanks for the information provided by another former member.

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  • Gr
      3rd of Dec, 2009

    All you have to do to cancel is call 1-800-450-2322, provide the correct spelling of yoru first and last name you used when you signed up with ACA and you can request Marty to cancel your account. Stop whining and taking time to complain and cancel if you want. You people have too much time on yoru hands, grow up.

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  • Gr
      3rd of Dec, 2009

    Dedee, Valerie, Gemini and Jdouglas, grow up and stop complaining. You can always stop a draft at your bank, this is your money and your bank account, if you don't want to call 800-450-2322 to cancel, then stop that draft at your bank. Grow up and take responsibility and stop acting helpless.

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  • Pe
      16th of May, 2011

    Hello to All who have been victimized by this company. I am a Personal Banker in Arlington, Texas and discovered this site while attempting to help my customer dispute these repeated $5.00 charges that she has been charged by this company AFCA for many years now. The solution to this problem is to simply: CLOSE the account that the draft are coming out of and open a new account. Your Financial Instution will not and can not by law release the new account # to this company or to any other company. The next time that AFCA attempts to draft your account the $5.00 fee, it will return to the Closed Account. It can be difficult to stop some types of ACH or External Withdrawals, but all can be solved by closing the account and being extremely careful of whom you give your account # too. My suggestion is to only give your debit card # out, that way you may cancel it at any time, without having to close your account and start new.

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