American Expressinternet harassment

I was followed on the internet for 6 months by timothy curtin law firm located in atlanta, georgia. The # [protected]. They are in collection. And client is american express. I was harassed in a very evil and vindictive horrifying way.

I have a debt with them and unfortunately had a (Bulging herniated disk) that is very painful and has been keeping me down. I had an mri and have record. I was in the printing industry and trying to get better at my residence. There are a lot of things I can do on the computer I have. However not for too long and sometime not at all. The last medical adviser said I could apply for disability. I do not want that. Hope not to.

I’m 47 and want to get back to the field of my major after years of customer service, billing, and was going well when they interrupted and honestly scared me for 6 months.

The harassment started on twitter then youtube. And everywhere else. My partner and I have been together for 23 years and live in midtown. We have actually been pillars of the community. We own and pay high taxes. Always done as much as possible even volunteer in making tons of calls in election four years ago. However we were younger and healthier then. Now slowing down.

I was followed on these sites and harassed. At first I had felt so much evil from what they were doing. They were able to access photos of mine. They took them and altered them with by adding other people in them. They used my photos and created similar videos on youtube. If you know youtube. I have a channel and when you search it would bring up on the side videos suggested for you. So I followed in horror. The more I followed the videos the more private information I would see. Like my partners name and mine. Family names repeated. The images were red tone in color and the people looked fake.

I can tell fake and bad quality design because of my print experience. My partner took a break and left during holidays and my back was at its worst. So I could not go anywhere. I was fine with that and just wanted to work on my projects. The imagery got so bad and gave and complete statements when I went to the aol help page. I had felt and did find more. I was named a the body of text in the web pages. Homophobic and for war against our president.

Clearly stated. You on the phone with your mom talking about a tech savvy friend to help. There was a loop in windows 8 that allowed access to private pc. Worried that you will loose personal information.

I knew it was a hacker and not a loop hole. I was terrified and called the police. The agency obviously set it up. The police acted confused as who called. And forced me to be evaluated taking my insurance information. I will have to let you know about the bill. I was kept in emergency area of hospital for about 4 hours. Of course just terrified. The physical concern I have is my back and no other concern except a bit depressed. However became so depressed by there harassment. I could barely move due to my back. I have been so scared and became their prisoner for six months.

They became lesser of a concern with new privacy adjustments and actually on a chat site for friends they reviled more. I confronted recently on the net in a long message.

I hope they have stopped I need to work at my residence. I like my work and avid pc user.

They interfered as a hacker that could be dangerous in many ways. There is not much I could do, so I suffered through. At same time my back at its worst. An aunt that was in serious condition and parents that were upset I could not visit during the holidays.

I just hope you can announce or help in a way so that if any one other individual of god stuck at home, not well, and alone will not be harassed to the point of horror for money.

It must have cost a fortune for them to do this. And really disturbing.

Thank you so very much and most sincerely,

An avid fan

Feb 14, 2013

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