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American Drs and Researchers / Fibromyalgia Pts being ignored

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I am tired of everyone with FMS+ being dismissed. Not enough research, nothing substantial to help us. WE SUFFER endlessly and needlessly. Our suicide rates are on the rise and I understand why. We get treated badly or drugged up to shut us up. Often overprescribing heavy duty drugs and antidepressants to keep us in a zombie like state. Long term use of some caused glaucoma tho I was never warned.....messed up my digestive system. I was Dx over 27 years ago and am worse off than at first. It's been a nightmare. Something has got to be done to help us!!! Too much pain, too many body systems affected. It is a cruel, debilitating, nightmare. I am riddled with severe pain 24/7 for over 27 years. How would you like to have flu like symptoms and bonus pain that long? Plus feel like you have MS , and effects of chemo, and lots more, only to have more things go wrong and the suffering to be so severe that no one wants to know? no one wants to help? and not enough research be done to help you? Welcome to my world.

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  • Ci
      14th of Feb, 2008
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    Go to and read the message boards and to other Fibromyalgia message boards on the web. Look up letter to normals with a search engine.

    Our suffering is unimaginable, it is unessessary and endless.
    I hope famous people get involved.

    I'd go on National TV to get atleast one voice out there with lots of experience of suffering because of medical ignorance and bad attitude.

    We need more people on our side.
    Please Help Us!!!

  • Hu
      31st of May, 2009
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    I have had to go throught several MDs just recently due to a move across country. I have had FMS for 10 years, and have had it very well documented, records in hand, and still been thrown out of offices being dubbed a junkie or drug seeker. I do take narcs due to allergies to other meds, etc. but have never abused them, in fact I have been lowering my dosages of these, to make the Drs. happy, meanwhile my pain increases. I'm tired of being in constant pain just because the medical community has developed an incompassionate attitude toward us. I even had Drs. tell me that pain meds don't work on FMS, FMS isn't real, and was even told by one Nurse Practitioner that getting off all my meds and a good 5 mile walk would cure my FMS! I about fell on the floor! We NEED real people to speak up about this debilitating disease, and maybe a few Doctors or their loved ones to experience the pain so we can have representation! It's funny how so many people from all walks of life and countries can come down with the same set of symptoms, but yet the medical community denies it exists! I don't care what they call it... name it "I woke up today having a nightmare" if you want, it's still the same disease! I agree...
    Please help Us!
    Bouse, AZ

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