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American Dream Lottery / email winner

China Review updated:
I received an email saying I have won alot of money
wants me to contact bank with certificate and account for money to be transfered. Is this a scam please email me manisv@aol.com
From american dream lottery
empire state building
suite 3304
New York, N. Y. 10118

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  11th of Sep, 2008
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Don't know yet haven't heard if scam or not
  5th of Jun, 2009
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Hai dude i have also receved this pls mail me. Is it scam? If u got any information mail me at Abhijit448@gmail.com
  6th of Jun, 2009
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Hi.frens I also receiver mail that I have won a lot of money and they wants me to transfer money to transfer them for tax clearance.Plz contact me @ tufail2048@gmail.com
  1st of Jul, 2009
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it's a scam!
  5th of Jul, 2009
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yes dude even i recieved a
pls email me if you get to know any information about it.

my email id---bsnpavan@gmail.com
  10th of Aug, 2009
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Well I received an email saying my email was chosen among many and held the winning numbers. But they didn't say anything about transferring just my address and number. Do anyone have a number to call them?
  24th of Nov, 2009
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  11th of Mar, 2010
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It is totally a scam!
I have received more emails than I can count like this. NEVER and I mean NEVER trust them. If you are asked to give bank or personal info. that should always send up a red flag for you. If you are not certain about one of them, and they seem legit, then you should still do your homework. Look up their company, search the internet scam databases to see if they have been reported, and possibly even contact a lawyer to check the legality. I have even received phony checks in the mail and found out that if you were to cash them, not only would the bad guys get all your bank info, but you could even go to jail for check fraud yourself! How awful is that!
So be very very careful who you trust and don't give out ANY of your information unless you're 100% sure because you have done a complete background check. Especially online. I hope this helps.
  27th of Jan, 2011
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I got a call. Said been trying to reach me by mail for months with no luck! (They had the wrong Zip) Long story short I had only 1 day to get them $5, 250 for SIGMA Ins to claim my $2.1 million dollars that was in a offshore trust. I don't have that as disposable monies so I declined. A week later they calling me again saying that I could still claim if I send them $1, 000.00. He said he was in Las Vegas but did not know that the time was 3 hours behind Eastern Standard time! Huh?
Long story short, if the "prize Monies" is in an off shore acct. and/or they wanting you to send them monies, It's probably a scam. Does Publisher's Clearinghouse ask you for money b4 they give you a check? I think not!
If you have questions or comments, E-Mail me at mowpickle@gmail.com
Robert C.
  24th of Apr, 2011
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my name is edita and i just i'm tried.
  24th of Apr, 2011
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i won't something new in my life.i had just one year and i finished hight school so i'm thinking about my future

  22nd of Sep, 2011
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Got a call that I had won 2.5 million dollars, American Dream Lottery had paid 99% of the taxes, and want me to pay the last 1% (700 dollars). Told him it sounded like a scam and I didn't remember entering their lottery. He told me I was entered when I paid my real estate taxes and when I bought groceries. He also told me they were not a sweepstakes or a lottery. When I questioned why they didn't pay all the taxes or why they couldn't take the money out of my supposed winnings, they had no answer. And as soon as I told him I wasn't going to pay or give him any of my personal info, he hung up immediately. So I am considering it a scam and nobody should believe a word of what they tell you.
  3rd of Jan, 2012
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Yes It Is a scam!! Do not reply or give out any info. Once you reply they have your name and they will try to send u other scams. If it is from overseas especially Canada, or Africa forget even thinking about these emails delete them pronto. uk also. Do not give your bank account to a foreigner. They will clean you out, not give u any money. don't fall for this ###. This isn't new, has been going on for a while. I almost fell victim a few years back. They send me a check and wanted me to wire the money back. Red Flag. I also had a foreigner call saying I owed money. He did not say what company he was from. Also did not state that this is an attempt to collect to collect a debt. Quit answering the phone, he said he was pissed off He was going to have me arrested. (not, can't be arrested for civil debt) they would send u something in the mail if it was real.No real debt collector would do that. Also watch any emails you get from undisclosed recipients wanting to give u loans or pretending to be from one of your banks. It's pretty obvious once u start to see what I mean. alot of them will also use gmail, and yahoo. They like to pretend to be big banks like chase.
  26th of Aug, 2012
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i just received a e mail offering a chance to win a dream home. it wasfrom American Dream Sweepstakes. they were asking the normal information. mame, address, tele# and e mail. Is this scam?

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