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American Credit Educators / Scam

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This is one of the biggest scams to hit me to date.

Recently I received a letter from a company called American Credit Educators saying that I owe them $300.95, but to clear the debt, I can pay $150. I am sitting here racking my mind trying to figure out who I owe, and why it was in collection. So I called the company, it turns out that a company called UCNB is the alleged creditor. Supposedly in May of 99, a credit card was opened in my name. I have no idea who this company is, or where they came from. The first time that I had a major credit card was a capital one credit card in 2001. Now... how I charged $300 on a card that I never owned is beyond me. So I ask them for information. I tell them to send me in writing and prove to me that I actually took this card out. I got hung up on 4 times!! These people are rude. They are not only trying to defraud me out of money I don't owe, but the guy who's name is Eddie, told me that UCNB was sold in 2000! They are no longer in business.

So I can't verify UCNB if this company is legit. Amercian Credit Educators don't know the account number or credit card number that was supposedly signed to me. They say "that they aren't privy to that information". Now how does that sound? I have been in collections for my capital one card before I paid it off, and the company that represented them always sent my credit card number with every correspondence.

If you go to and put American Credit Educators, you will see just how this company defrauds people. Please copy and paste this email into your browser and send it out to everyone you know.

Working online leaves you vulnerable to people trying to pull this crap. I am in the process of writing a letter to the credit bureaus letting them know exactly what's going on. I will take this all the way to congress and try to get their business license revoked if I can.

I hope this helps someone!


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