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Ameri Trust Financial / modiciation

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I was hoping to obtain a modification loan for my house. Apparently, I gave $1, 600. and needed to give the company other $1, 400.00 but I realized that the representative kept wanting the money but I did not hear about my modification. I refused to pay and I now I am been threatened by this company. The company is contacting my employer informing my employer that I fail to provide them with the rest of the money. While I am still have not had the 30 year modification and nothing from the company stating that they did contact my company. That is alot of money. I not have a Christmas because my Christmas money was to save my house. I been saving all voice mails from this representative.

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      23rd of Dec, 2008
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    As the CEO of Ameritrust Financial, I'd like to personally address this false accusation. Everyone, please do yourself a favor and go all the way to end of her statement. Her very last sentence "I been saving all voice mails from this representative" is proof enough that we HAVE been trying to call her, so how can she say (in the same paragraph) "but I did not hear about my modification"? Is it not a little absurd to claim she never heard from us regarding her loan modification and then to mention she's saving our voicemails???

    Everyone, here are the FACTS: we all know there are plenty of liars and thieves out there and in this case, Mrs. Hernandez is one of those persons, not Ameritrust. I have personally reviewed her file and BEFORE she came to us, she had a mortgage payment of almost $1, 800 a month. AFTER we modified her loan, her payment was reduced to just over $1, 100, a savings of almost $700 a month!!! If you do the math, that SAVES her $8, 400 per year, or $42, 000 over the next 5 years. And she wants to screw us over for her remaining balance of $1, 400??? Wow!!! It amazes me how some people can be so unappreciative and so ungrateful.

    Most anyone would be ecstatic with that kind of savings and cheerfully pay us for our services. In return, her thanks to us was a breach of her contract and her failure to pay us the remainder of her balance due. By the way, we were kind enough to break up our fee into installments for her, instead of requiring the full amount in one payment.

    In regards to the savings/numbers I mentioned above, I am more than happy to provide actual statements as proof, so long as Mrs. Hernandez agrees and signs a release. If she allows, I would LOVE to post a link on here showing her BEFORE and AFTER mortgage statements; it would only HELP my company's reputation by showing WE GET RESULTS!!!

    And to you Mrs. Hernandez, if you can sleep at night knowing we GREATLY helped you and you're still ok with skipping out on what you owe us, well I guess there's not much I can do, other than turn it over to collections, but I firmly believe "what goes around comes around". If you eventually feel guilty, perhaps you can start with removing/deleting your false accusation from this blog.

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