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1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States

I completely agree with the other postings. I was involved with the Olivers in Tax Recovery Group. Darrin Oliver hid behind others in the management of the company because he had defrauded many people in his previous companies. In Tax Recovery Group, he borrowed a large amount of money from an individual, declared himself a large bonus and then put the company into bankruptcy. Other officers of the corporation lost their homes because of him. I spend a substantial amount of money in legal fees defending myself from the bankruptcy trustee. Darrin leased a car in someone else's name using my address. One morning there was a knock on my door and the leasing company wanted the car back. His daughter wants nothing to do with him. Darrin's second wife, they were only married a couple of months, lost about 75K from her 401K because she gave it to him. He now has protected himself by marrying someone from the Attorney General's office. Both Darrin and Darryl claim to be good church going Christians but in reality they are nothing but con men and belong in prison. His current wife needs to be investigated for her involvement

Dec 14, 2015

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