I am so upset with Amcore Bank. I doubt the legality of their "business practices." My husband and I were out of town last week. We stopped for breakfast on Tuesday morning and I used our debit card. On Wednesday night, we stopped for gas and I used the debit card. When I checked my account a few days later, there was a debit from the restaurant (dated 08.19) for around $20, and then a debit from the gas station (dated 08.20) for $44. The $44 transaction overdrew our account by a couple dollars. That's fine, that's my error. However, Amcore posted two overdraft fees to our account. I called "customer service" (I use the term loosely), and they told me that it was showing on their computer that the gas station transaction had occurred first so that we would incur two fees. So I explained to the representative that my screen was showing that the restaurant debit had in fact occurred first and that our account was only negative because of one transaction, not two. I asked the representative how in the world it was legal for them to change the order of transactions from ACTUAL REALITY, to some sort of twisted AMCORE REALITY where apparently things happen in reverse.

This was bad enough. I just had to call them AGAIN. Friday, I deposited a check for $300. I deposited the check at a branch with a teller; not an ATM or night drop. Because this bank is constantly raping us, I called the automated line to make sure that my account did indeed have a positive balance. The automated line reported to me that yes indeed, I had deposited $300 and my account was positive. I used the card for several purchases over the weekend, but DID NOT overdraw my account. My account has a POSITIVE BALANCE, and has since the $300 deposit. I logged onto online banking this morning (Monday). There is a $35 overdraft fee. On an account with a positive balance. I called "customer service". The snotty person on the other end of the phone told me that one of my weekend transactions was pre-authorized and that the $300 was not "available" yet. I stated to her that this pre-authorized transaction did not incur until after I made my deposit and called and verified my balance as well. The transaction she's speaking of was for $2.00. I missed a toll at an I-Pass lane and paid the toll online to avoid getting a ticket. This is a $2 transaction. I paid the $2 online AFTER I deposited the $300. (Keep in mind that my account was never negative, it is still positive.) So she tells me that because of the type of transaction it is, the money wasn't "technically" available. I stated to her that I checked my account balance and that it was positive. I asked her how a transaction could be authorized to post, but then be charged a fee. I asked her how Amcore could charge an overdraft fee on an account with a positive balance. She was rude and snotty, and didn't really answer any of my questions. I cannot believe that Amcore just stole ANOTHER $35 from me on a POSITIVE ACCOUNT. I am trying to get my kids ready to go back to school tomorrow. Amcore just took gym shoes from my 1st grader. I have a positive $20 in my account, but it should be $55. I cannot believe I just got charged for having a positive balance.

Apparently the banking system in this country cannot be left to regulate itself. Evil will always prevail. Why are entities like Amcore bank getting away with this? There are some good banks out there, and I am closing my account with Amcore. I'm nearly ready to deal with cash only, but I'm hoping that I can obtain an account with another bank that will not steal from our family.

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