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AMCORE Bank / Overdraft Scam

1 IL, United States Review updated:

Amcore Bank has been screwing me over for months. Wanted to post here to inform everyone that before I take my checking account somewhere else that this bank will screw you over sideways week after week after week. I have my checks direct deposited every week, and I get 1 - 2 overdraft charges EVERY week. Customer service is unhelpful and rude. This bank will hold your pending checks until your account is low, and then clear the checks making your account bounce. Example: My account one day will have a positive 50 dollars, and my direct deposit kicks in that same day. Conveniently, Amcore clears 2 checks of 30 dollars a piece from 10 DAYS AGO, just to bring my account to negative so they can ### the 35 dollar fee. Why wait to clear a check? Why does everything else clear, but these checks held? Just to bring your account to a negative balance so they can tack on the bounce check fee. It's a perfect scam, and I'm done with them.

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  • Gr
      8th of Mar, 2009
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    AMCORE Bank - Overdraw Fees
    Amcore Bank
    Machesney Park
    United States

    We have security camera's at the local Amcore Bank to review hold-ups or criminal activity. Are these security tapes available to customers? They should be! Amcore Bank is one of the biggest thieves in the banking industry. They shouldn't need a taxpayer bailout, they need a "Get out of Jail Free" bailout for fraud! Do not use Amcore Bank! They are the thieves!

  • Ch
      3rd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Looks like their business practices are starting to catch up with them. They lost $90M last year, and out of about 100 Wisconsin-serving banks listed by rank of financial stability in the Wisconsin State Journal today, AmCORE was second to last.

  • Md
      27th of May, 2009
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    I deposited 2 checks from outside sources on Saturday, 5-24-09 and the funds were not available until Wed. 05-27-09. Now I realize this was a Holiday weekend so I figured the fund would not be available until Tuesday the 26th of May. Well it now takes 24 hours for checks to clear so even though it shows on the statement the money is there"Its really not there". Then they are open on the weekends yet not for deposits of 2 party checks, because it's not a business day. But they are depositing our checks and bouncing us with no regard or any problems. They also wait to deposit several checks at one time. I have my statements and it will make you sick. I have at least 31 bouncing statements, because of the new policies that Amcore is blaming on the Federal Reserve. Amcore Bank in Roscoe (I won't say your name, but you know who you are and that you are quit the lier) told me that all of the other Banks have this policy, which the policy states is takes 24 hours for 2 party checks to clear. After I caught the branch manager in this lie, she then turned around and said that, because Amcore is so large the Federal Reserve stuck it to them first. Well then she proceeded to name off other banks that are not quite as large and that to not have this policy yet. Well not only is Amcore cheating the common American that is just trying to get by, but they hire some very dishonest people to run their banks for them. Remember these policies with AMCORE BANK. 1. Will take 24 hours to get money from a 2- party check. (Even if it's a Government Check it doesn't matter where it comes from unless it's an AMcore Check). 2. Direct deposits now take 24 hours(even from the government...ex. child support or from work) yet i just called customer service again and they said that it was available the same day so there you have it. I have no idea what the truth is with these people. The Branch Manager told me that my direct deposit today was not available until tomorrow. 3. Deposits unless it's cash or an Amcore Check will not be acknowledged on the weekends at all. The 24 hours waiting period will not even go into affect until the first business day. Even though they are still doing all there other business practices the same on the weekends just not deposits.
    4. Watch the debit card also. I had money in the acct and my acct was going to be debited my our morgage company. I used my debit care 2 days before the money was wihtdrawn and I debited it I did not push credit, yet the bank waited those 2 days to post those transactions, because the bank can see ahead if a debit is going to accure. They waited to take the money out so I would bounce those 2 transactions. Just like with checks. I will have 5-6 checks go through at the same time. Even if they are written days or even weeks apart. Why is that? This bank is the worst bank that I have ever dealt with and now there are alot more people out there whom are having issues. I would like something to be done or an investigation into their practices. These people are trying to keep afloat by cheating the American People!!! Need help if anyone out there has any ideas for me and whomever else their screwing over!!!

  • Md
      28th of May, 2009
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    I agree 100 percent. Amcore Bank need the Federal Government to look into their practices. They will do anything even cheat the American people to stay afloat. Well I am going to do whatever it takes to bring them down. The Illinois Government is first to be notified then it is the F.B.I. Oh yeah definetly the I. R. S. Amcore has the biggest and the best scams in the banking world and please believe me. Do not bank with them. They will never offer you a helping hand and they do not acknowledge you as a person unless you are very wealthy and have more then 2 Accounts with them. DO NOT BANK AT AMCORE! YOU WILL LOSE SO MUCH MONEY FROM ALL OF THERE DIFFERENT FEES THAT YOU WON'T KNOW ABOUT UNTIL IT'S TO LATE!!!

  • We
      27th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I like how Amcore will hold our deposits for days on end then overdraft us, by letting the checks go through and then adding the deposit on . This has been the common way of doing business for them my three years I have been with them . And yes, they all lie . The manager that set up my account has moved to the big old Rockford branch and took back all the promises he gave me to get me to sign up . Like grace twice a year, Brian, remember how you said that is a service we provide for our good customers . Like me the one you screw out of 105.00 in one week by playing with my deposits . I'm checking out from your corruption company for good if I don't get all of my $105.00 back in my account by Monday !

  • La
      29th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have banked with Amcore for the last three years, I have also previously banked at Associated Bank. I have never experienced such horrible and unethical business practices and I will be complaining to the Better Business Bureau as well. On Friday, June 26, 2009 I deposited $300.00 with approximately $60.00 in my account. All day my account had a positive balance, which I monitor online throughout the day. That evening they cleared a transaction for $13.00 and $276.00 which left me with a balance at the end of day of $79.00 yet my 'Yesterday's Ending Balance' is ($137.54)... ???? So today they are processing two overdraft fees for the two debits. Which will send my account in the hole while I have 3 debit transactions pending that once cleared will I am positive assess another $105.00 in overdraft fees, while the expenses themselves total less then $30.00 for ALL three transactions. I will call the bank to TRY to have them rectify the overdrafts, yet I do know how this turns out. This isn't the first time that Amcore has used this practice on my account. The difficult thing is that Amcore will always debit the most expensive item first to ensure that they can collect the overdraft fee on every miniscule item that may clear following a large transaction. They of course charge the highest allowable overdraft fee that they can, while also charging for everything from a check to do a withdrawl from your checking account, they will charge a fee for anyone cashing a check of yours at the bank, if they do not have a checking account there as well.

    While I agree that it is a consumer's responsiblity to monitor their account balance, I do this on a daily basis, but if you have just as much out in expenses as you have in income and they are assessing fees to your account for everything and anything they can, they are incurring additional fees for every throughout the period when they assess the fees until the period you can pay off the excessive fees. You also have a bank that is manipulating your funds to their advantage for the ability to assess fees to your account. Today will mark the end of my account with Amcore.

  • De
      7th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have been banking with them for about a year now and always suspected they were doing something of this manner but never actually wanted to believe it to be true. I was charged $140 in overdraft fees and $50 in continuous overdraft after a $26 debit was taken out of my account without authorization. I had 4 debits totaling $19 that they charged me $35 each for. I had the $26 disputed and returned my account but the bank REFUSED to refund all of my overdrafts. I was out of state when this all happened and went into the bank as soon as I returned to town. After spending over an hour in the bank filling out paperwork etc and a wait of 2 days for the MAIN branch to approve it. I was refunded $55 of the $190 in fees. The truly sad part is that I am currently unemployed and collecting unemployment. My check per week is $190 and after bills I have less than $25 a week to live on! As a result of this problem My phone is now disconnected and I am now late on my Utility Bill as well and being threatened with disconnection. This banks business practices are shady and down right dirty. After reading this I will be switching banks as soon as possible!

  • Am
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    AMCORE can suck my nuts. I'm so thrilled to hear they're closing yet another 12 branches. I feel sorry for those who have stock in this trash company, and you can kiss your share value goodbye. AMCORE will screw you any way they can and make you go under your balance to collect $35 fees. THIS is how they make their money and try to stay afloat. Why is it that checks clear conveniently when your account is at low levels, sometimes taking weeks to post? Hmmm. Don't even bother with their comfort line crap. They'll screw that over with all their red tape as well. Please grow a brain people and take your money elsewhere. It's the best New Years resolution you can do for yourself and your hard earned cash. Customer Service? That's what you they call it? Those ###s go to work everyday with their jobs treatened, and they're all brainwashed by the company to do absolutely nothing to provide service to you. SWITCH if you know what's good for you. I did and I feel rich and secured knowing my money is stored at a real bank. I can't wait for this shady operation to go completely under. It'll be a bank that won't be missed by IA, WI, and IL.

  • Bb
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    I had no problems with Amcore for a couple of years but in the last year they have been screwing me over royally. Mostly with OD charges that resulted in the way transactions got listed on my account. I will keep a closer eye on that now. Calling and speaking with a manager is now a waste of time because they will not bend. My last interaction ended with me saying that they're sucking every penny they can get because they're going down and I hung up.

    I am an employee of a large healthcare facility in Rockford, IL and I know that all business is done through Amcore. I recently took a small health system check to Amcore to cash and they told me that I couldn't cash it because "I" didn't have enough money in my account to cover it. My account?! What does that have to do with cashing a business check from my employer?! To me they are grabbing for straws and deservingly losing customers for it. I am 1 person leaving their bank which doesn't mean *#$%@ to them but they shouldn't be screwing with one of their biggest accounts. Time for them to pull their heads out of their ### and remember that the customer is always right!!!

  • Gr
      2nd of Jun, 2010
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    I have lost thousands to them because I made a double payment by accident years ago. They would not allow me to retract the second payment, which I did not have enough money to cover, and my credit card went from 0% to 30%. I had just consolidated all my debt onto this card. If anyone knows of any way I can get over this company (I still have 2, 500 left on the card) please help!

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