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AMC 30 Mesquite Texas / Security

1 Mesquite, TX, United States Review updated:

So, on 9-11, my wife and I went to see "The Other Guys" that started at 4:35pm on a Saturday, we were the 1st ones to enter the theater.

This movie is rated PG13, which means NOTHING to the business, why? a young mother and boyfriend along with 2 other boy's "under age 13" was with them, we were sitting in the 2nd to the top row in the middle, this family had an INFANT! that's right an infant who cried and was very loud, the young boys were talking and bumping the chair's where my wife was sitting, after the 2nd time her chair was hit, I told her to move to the other side of me, however the trailer trash that was loud and rude continued, there were 5 young girls sitting in there top row a few seats down from them who was QUIET!!! and did not create any disturbances at all, I noticed 1 of the girls going out to complain about these low lifes that is stupid enough to bring a crying baby in a movie theater, yes...she was a brainless idiot with a mouth that needed to be slapped.

After the comments the mother was making CONSTANTLY at us, 3 of them leave the theater with the crying baby, 2 of the other boys remained "BOTH UNDER 13".
Then security comes in 30 minutes later and removes the 5 girls who did nothing, I tried to explain to the idiot security team they had there onsite would not listen to me, by then, the rude trailer trash had already left 30 minutes prior.
Who is in charge of security there?????????? They are STUPID and NOT KNOWING!
I was furious about the mistake your business made, STUPID Idiots that you hired needs to be FIRED NOW!
I highly suggest you enforce the PG13 rule, which should include infants that do nothing but cry... you agree????? for the sake of the horrible experience we had, everyone was lucky I didn't get involved with the low lifes that were loud during the movie.
As for the trailer trash people, it proves that AMC does not care at all about ratings, and the reaction time of your so called security failed miserably! better re-evaluate your staff, or hire me to run your business as a 2nd level manager for 15 years, oh I can assure you, it would have been handled differently than the 3 stooges who you call security that handled the situation incorrectly was poor, those 5 girls paid to see that movie, and you ejected the WRONG people.
As a regular customer, I expect to hear back from upper management as to how rules and regulations will be enforced from now on, otherwise we will NEVER return and just wait till the movie comes out on video.
Loss of customers...not a good time to let these kind of things happen. And I am not talking about an automated reply like most do to hide.

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  • Bo
      12th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    PG-13 means Parental Guidance for anyone under 13. That means someone over 18 has to buy their tickets.
    There are rude people everywhere.
    What is more shocking is the number of ignorant people in the world.
    And, no, ignorance does not mean "The act or state of ignoring and individual or situation". It means, among other things, people who cannot type properly.
    Ignorance is a disease which you have obviously caught.
    Your mastery of the English language is apparent to a baffling extent.
    Kindly remove yourself from the gene pool by utilizing the abrasive qualities of sandpaper upon your genitals.

  • Lo
      19th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Wow, a big tough guy, you should have gotten involved and then what, hit the baby? What a ###

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