Ambinet / Charging my phone company for whatever they do unauthrized

1 300 E. Maple, Birmingham, MI, United States

This company has been charging my phone number; of all things, through my phone company. For what I have no idea. They are billing through a company by the name of ESBI their phone number is [protected]. The phone company told me I had to call them to get it cancelled. <br />
<br />
I called and got ahold of a guy by the name of Mike Williams who called me a liar. He states he has a recording of me ording their product or services whichever it is. He threatend to send all of my business to my nearst competitor because I was angry with them for pulling my my phone number. The guy was a real disgusting pig. I have written my congressman over this matter this is the second such charge from a different company my business has had on the phone bill. I refuse to pay for bogus charges. <br />
<br />
BEAWARE Watch your phone bill for third party charges. I have been dupped for over $400.00 so far and they still haven't stopped the charges.

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