Ambiente International- Mobican Bed Set / Terrible Customer Service, no refund for flawed product

1 10700 World Trade Blvd., Ste. 108, Raleigh, NC, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 919-572-2870

Design flaw in bedset that I purchased. It looks bad and I want to return it. Terrible customer service from man answering phone. The bedframe I purchased has a headboard that is spaced out from the mattress placed on the base. It looks strange the way it is and I do not like the gap that is present between the headboard and the bed itself. It is very uncomfortable. Walter, the man on the phone, said I should screw the headboard over more, but it is already screwed perfectly on, and there is no room left to push it towards the headboard either because of the curvature. This gap is a design flaw and it looks bad. I only just received it and I want to return it. When I called the store to tell them about the problem, the man answering the phone, Walter, was very rude to me. I have never seen customer service like this before and as a customer who has paid a good amount of money for their product, the way my issue was handled was extremely rude, and unnecessary. It has tarnished the company's name in my eyes and I will never recommend them to anyone. Walter was arguing with me about my complaint, did not respond to my email, asked me to stop calling, would not let me speak to the store manager, and he hung up on me as well. Please let me know when someone can come and take the bedset back, or at least speak to me in a civilized manner.
Sale number: 415380

Ambiente International- Mobican Bed Set
Ambiente International- Mobican Bed Set

Dec 29, 2014

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