Ambercrombie and Fitch / Slander and Harrassment

1 Oklahoma City, OK, United States

I saw some things on the company website and decided to go to Ambercrombie and Fitch and Penn Square Mall. Upon arriving at the store with the intention of purchasing a few items for my husband. I was approached by a worker by the name of Matt, he asked me if I needed any help and when I said No he got closer to me, I felt offended and thought oh my gush what is this man doing trying to come on to me was my first thought. Then I thought no he is Gay. I looked at him strangely and he said don't I know you? He repeated his self aleast 5-7 times when I said no. Matt who is a frail skinny gay white male who works at Ambercrombie and Fitch raised his voice and said I think I saw a mug shot of you haven't you been in trouble before with the law for shoplifting. To say I was Appalled was a under statement. I wasn't doing anything in the store to make this guy suspect or think that. I got on the phone with my husband in the store, explained what this worker just said to me and told the worker he was. Rude and disrespectful and I would be contacting my attorney about this. Not only did Matt abuse a customer, he slandered me and harassed me. Abercrombie should not tolerate workers like this. They really meds to look into Matt's mental well being and fire him and replace him with Upstanding workers who do their job not attack customers who walk in their store to purchase items. I even called to try to speak with the DM about this before filing a lawsuit and of course the DM wasn't available Figures!


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