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Stay well away from this website. I saw this too late! The company is based in China even though I got the assumption somewhere else it was USA. The telephone line is always linked with an answer phone message and they never email back unless they try and get more money out of you.

I recently placed an order, being selfemployed I needed some stock, jewellery in this case. Placed order, payment already taken out of bank. Then a day later items are out of stock, yet I have paid for them already?? Then it asked me to amend my order, so I tried, however it made a new order as well as my old order. So feeling a bit weird about this I quicky cancelled and just left the old order as it was with the missing stock. Tried to email them, leaving them messages how they could help me what to do with missing stock. As my money was already taken out.

Received just one email back saying they could refund my old order if I wanted my second order instead. (which I I dont know why they mention it again). Having this gut feeling of something is wrong I kindly declined. But asked them parcel consigment number, which courier they use and how long delivery will take. No answers as yet...

Im now working with my bank to retrieve my money back, however I have to wait at least 2 weeks I think. Fingers crossed...hope this info helps someone else not to fall for it.


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