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Glendale, CA, United States

I ordered a part on DEC 21st from this seller on Amazon marketplace. Unfortunately, we didn't need this part in particular after a diagnostic on the car was done. In addition, the part we ordered would not have fit the car anyway even though we had researched the model number. I explained at great length and the seller approved a refund. However, they fail to mention the exact restocking fee or percentage when processing a refund. I bought a part for $49.80 and they are charging me a $24.95 in restocking and shipping: that's more than 50% of the purchase price! Additionally, the seller's refund policy is not listed under Refund Policy on the Amazon site as Amazon claims. Instead, their refund policy is under the HELP section on their site. Why would anyone click HELP for a refund policy when clearly it should be under REFUND? Not only that, they took down my feedback on the Amazon site somehow. I noticed another buyer had the same problem within the past 30 days.

Jan 13, 2017

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