Amazon: Miss Beauty Store Front / Selling counterfeits and allowing trademark infringement

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States

I am resorting to Complaints board because AMAZON has refused to post my warning to customers. Amazon's Miss Beauty storefront is selling cheap lookalikes of US Patented Fullips products. Worst yet, Miss Beauty has blatantly infringed upon the Fullips trademark (attached). My first post simply warned customers that the Miss Beauty product was a lookalike and urged them to purchase authentic Fullips from the Fullips storefront. My followup post (because AMAZON didn't post my first) was more strongly worded:
Title: **SHAME ON AMAZON!!**
Comment: This is my second warning because Amazon did not post the first. Miss Beauty has violated the Fullips logo and is selling Fullips counterfeits. SHAME ON AMAZON for helping companies sell counterfeits and allowing trademark infringement. Where is the control? Is there no customer protection against such blatant ripoffs?
Not surprisingly, Amazon has refused to post that, too.

Amazon: Miss Beauty Store Front
Amazon: Miss Beauty Store Front

May 17, 2015

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