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On Oct 7th I ordered some rain boots from They where $39, and i received them on Oct 9th.The boots I ordered are called "Dueling Skulls" but I received "Tossed Skulls", I usually try not to make a big deal about things and didnt complain because the printout they sent me said I ordered the Tossed Skulls. After taking them out of the box i noticed that they where defective, all one size of the print was smeared like someone rubbed their hand on them before the Ink dried. anyway i let them know and sent them back, I received a new pair about three days later. They also claim to have a Match policy and found the same ones, in the same size and in stock for $10 cheaper online and sent them the link, I never heard anything back from them, and thought, oh well, and got over it. I thought that was the end, but no. On Dec 9th I received an email from them saying that they "Unintentionally Refunded" me and they also stated that they where going to charge my account in a few days. Well, they didn't wait a few days they charged me that night, I top things off I had just closed the account, but they are still able to charge on it. This is a ### excuse of a company, they never cared about the customer or thought that maybe I do not even have that account, or that maybe I do not have the funds to cover it. They just care about themselves. How is this even legal? Anyway They charged me again on Dec 10th another $39. and the bank i was using is Woodforest and they charge $5 a day after eight days so now because of Endless I owe Woodforest a ### load of money.
I have also had little problems with Amazon in the past, and now I have changed all Debit cards I ever used when shopping on Amazon and will never again use them!

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