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Amazon / books sold on amazon by matevosyan naira and richard; the jurist and writer, naira matevosyan renault, harassing people

Mar 6, 2018
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Contact information:
Naira Matevosyan Renault harassing Ara Khachatryan, Marine Noble, Azniv Shahverdyan in a private message in Armenian sent to J. Hakobyan, a facebook friend of Ara Khachatryan.
Below, we present you the exact English translation of that letter.
It is worth to mention that Naira Matevosyan (changed her last name to Renault to cover her criminal past) claims to be an author of 142 books sold on Amazon (mostly copy-pasted travel guides, indeed), a former MD, who is currently a jurist (MSJ) owning a law firm, Panther-law (a phantom scam, indeed).in the meantime, after being sued for libeling, staling, harassing the Nobles, Naira Matevosyan filed a counter claim where she stated that she was experiencing horrible economic hardship, existed on food stamps and modest child support (you can see how inconsistent her under-oath statements are with what she tells "about her achievement and happiness" in her harassing FB private messages).


Tell your miscarriage, son of a..., [censor] friend, that 10 centimeters tall Ara Khachatryan that I am going to exterminate him the way I do insects - with my two fingers. His "mouth" isn't a problem for me. He isn't capable of anything but barking on me. He has criminal cases open by me in the Magistrate Court, and I am going to file new ones till I see that disgusting person, that piece of... jailed, alongside with Marine Noble. He is completely under Marine Noble's influence and doesn't want to let me alone. Is he in love with me? Tell that hooligan that I don't know anyone with a name Azniv and I didn't call any of her
workplaces! I can't believe none of the psychiatrists is able to treat her [censor]. I just made a mistake once in my life and responded to her message, and I now, can't get over with those low life hooligans anymore. [censor] off, get lost and communicate with your own type of low class people. Your heads are sick.
By the way, I don't have any landlords, moreover, the Armenian one! I would have ashamed of having a landlord of Armenian origin, you sons of crazy people. Why are you suffering so much with all my achievements. I own a beautiful house with 3 bedrooms, 2, 5 bathrooms, and I am going to buy another one, because I am gonna get married and move to another state. But besides my being happy, I have to do all my best to see all of you killed in prison, and I hope it is going to take place as soon as possible. I got whatever I wanted in my life, and, all of you, are not posing any problem for me.


Updated by Naira'sVictim, Mar 06, 2018
A "writer", who copy-pasted about 142 books to be sold on amazon.com, Naira Matevosyan Renault is being sued (this is her third lawsuit: the first one was for libeling and harassment, the second- for shoplifting) again in Atlanta's DeKalb county court.
The attached are all the screenshots from her FB page (pretending to be Naira Roland Renault) . In this posting, she is libeling the plaintiffs' lawyer, Mark Campbell, the stenographer who assisted the lawyer at the deposition. She also uses vulgar vocabulary, trying to verbally abuse the plaintiffs.
Updated by Naira'sVictim, Mar 07, 2018
Good photo shop, Naira Trenault, we know you are a specialist in copy-pasting and photo shopping. Your 142 fake books on amazon tell us volumes about you, monster. However, here are the originals of the shoplifting records from your own DeKalb County Court's website. How many such criminal records do you have, Naira Matevosyan? How long are you going to stay in the United States illegally having all those criminal records? How about this man, helping you with a "modest child support" for you can sit 24/7 online and harass people online? Is he also working for KGB like you do?
books sold on amazon by matevosyan naira and richard; the jurist and writer, naira matevosyan renault, harassing people books sold on amazon by matevosyan naira and richard; the jurist and writer, naira matevosyan renault, harassing people books sold on amazon by matevosyan naira and richard; the jurist and writer, naira matevosyan renault, harassing people books sold on amazon by matevosyan naira and richard; the jurist and writer, naira matevosyan renault, harassing people books sold on amazon by matevosyan naira and richard; the jurist and writer, naira matevosyan renault, harassing people


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N  7th of Mar, 2018 by 
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Haha, seems this maniac (Ara Khachatryan, DOB 11/07/1969, Brooklyn, NY, an ISIS agent) spends 24/7 on kissing Naira's [censor], fabricating fake court report screens, long texts etc. Instead, he could try write a novel about his low Armenian heritage. Kindle could cell if for 3 cents, at least something...

Now look belos and see how this horror defective troll looks like. He is a fugitive of law. Call FBI or 911 if you see this psycho around. He is on the Amber Alert for a cold murder case from New Bergen, NJ.

N  7th of Mar, 2018 by 
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And below are the SHOPLIFTING records of the famous schizophrenic, Ara Khachatryan (DOB 11/07/1969), an ilegal alien from Ghapan/Armenia, who after all this disgraceful low life still hopes for Naira... Too painful. Seriously.

His treatment model must include some type of insulin therapy which would paralyze the cells in limbic system that have been hypnotized by the monster Marina Noble, fake MD, another shoplifter from Watertown, MA.

N  7th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@GhapanstiGyotBostak Keep suffering, Naira. Your chronic alcoholism is what gives us a hope :)
N  7th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@Naira'sVictim Keep suffering, Naira. Your chronic alcoholism is what gives us hope :) that one day you will be no more :)
N  11th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@Naira'sVictim Naira's Victim profile belongs to the famous prostitute, low woman, Armenian immigrant (violator of the 212 E immigration code), fraud credit card hacker, shoplifter Marina Noble (Marine Mkhitaryan), fake MD, Fake MPH currently prostituting with drug-dealers in Watertown, MA. Marina Noble is a renown demon who harasses, stalks and libels Naira since 2010 to this day. In 2007 Marina Noble ruined Naira's family with scamming fake emails sent to Naira's partner. In 2010, Marina Noble tried to ruin Karine Martirosyan's family by scamming with fake emails sent to Karine's husband, Paul Noroian, emails Marina Noble had opened under Naira's name.

Currently, Marina Noble advanced her Internet crimes from primitive email scamming tricks (already understood by every recipient) to opening fake webpages under her victims' names. She has recently opened web domains under Naira's name, such as NairaMatevosyan.com or NairaRenault.com, putting there vulgarity and even earning money from the visits.

Marina Noble is a remorseless, recidival felon, and we can't repeat enough: she must not be part of the society. She must either be deported to Armenia (especially based on her immigration fraud) or locked in prison in state MA.

Naira is not Marina Noble's sole victim. There are many families, careers, relationships, lives ruined by this monster who has multiple records of scamming married men and dating married men. Among Marina Noble's victims are: Karine Martirosyan, Paul Noroian, Zlatka Russinova, Doru Hutchinson, Nazareth Shahinyan, Naira Matevosyan, Aida Hamartusmian, Marina Adamyan, Gohar Panajyan, Vazgen Mardanyan, Judy Norsighian, Anna Grigoryan, Janet Mirzoyan, Art Sedrakyan, etc.
N  9th of Mar, 2018 by 
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And you seem to be the obese version of Dalida, Marina Noble ! (LOL)

You seem losing the Court. Fabricating fake email texts, web screenshots, all suggest that you are a loser. Kissing Naira's [censor] day and night is your deliberate choice. Do it from distance, as if you appear 2 miles close to Naira, you will get arrested. Once you are detained, Marina Noble, behind the cage, Naira will "visit" with a tick pile of your crime records... including your hacked credit cards, amazon crimes, videos of your clear and undeniable shoplifting in CVS, etc.

Pity, that your husband, William R. Noble (1962) has left you, Marina Noble, so did your first husband... Rouben. It just looks bad...

Bill Noble (whom you claim to be on the cover of the "Time Magazine" (LOL), could wait until this court ended. What' s your problem, guys? You both are d-e-m-e-n-t-e-d, and I suggest you stick to each other to maintain your "social unit..." in Repton tacky condos designated for the lows class people (first home buyer program debtors).

What but what can say, the guy is [censor]. He left his first wife, he left you - the second cow, perhaps he become a retired Cape Cod fisherman (LOL)? Living with you, Marina Noble is a recipe for him to acquire prostatitis, then prostate cancer... Think about that...

N  9th of Mar, 2018 by 
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Now, our two cents to the troll, Ara Khachatryan, who opened this page to curse and libel Amazon LLC.

Ara Khachatryan (DOB 11/07/1969), is an illegal alien from Ghapan-Yeghegnazor canal, Armenia. Listed as a terrorist, Ara Khachartya is in the "amber-alert" as a law fugitive for a cold murder case (Nargiza, his former neighbor from New Bergen, NJ). Ara Khachatryan has changed 5 addresses to flee from prosecution and the last two ones were:

675 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY 11223

3145 Brighton 4th, Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Ara Khachatryan ( also thief, as you see above in the records) suffers paranoid schizophrenia and early dementia. He places thousands of internet posts in www.scamero.com, https://www.complaintsboard.com, declaring such things like "bombing the White House, " "killing the son of POTUS, " and in many posts they even impersonates Naira.

Ara Khachatryan also damages Naira's books in amazon, putting one-stars during the same day under several books, without having purchased or read them. His "reviews" are as lunatic as his personality, but Naira is even more grateful as the more this troll damages her books, the more he increases the readers' curiosity and with that he actually promotes the sell of the books.

So, thank you very much, Ara Khachatryan, for your hysterical and personal attacks in amazon. Now, people check his "reviewer" profile in amazon and his "reviews of Naira's books:








The "books reviewer" Ara Khachatryan's pictures are attached. Call 911 or FBI if you see him around.

We have more evidence, but our time is precious to waste on these trashes (Ara Khachatryan and Marina Noble). Naira has no other enemy in the word, but these two. Naira's wise mother was correct about Marina Noble... Naira should've listed her mom, in the first place, to make sure Marina Noble is firewalled from her forever.

N  9th of Mar, 2018 by 
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Naira should've listened her prudent mother.. who was attuning her for thousands of times that Marina Noble was a demon, a condensed lucifer impersonified, a horror, a trouble, who must be firewalled to block her daily stalking attempts.

Naira has NEVER ever emailed Marina with long texts, except that she sent her once a "Cease and Desist" letter in October 2010. Yet, the harassment continues to this day, and even this site owners have understood.
N  10th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@OfficerTruthteller We have already published about six or seven long long emails sent from your mailbox to Marina Noble.
N  10th of Mar, 2018 by 
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On November 12th, 2007, an Armenian immigrant Karine Martirosyan (DOB 10/22/1966 currently subleasing at 87 South Street, Westborough, MA 01581) sent the following email to Naira:

From: karinemed@yahoo.com
Subject: clarifications
Date: 11/12/2007 4:27

Dear Naira,

I am sorry if you still think I have interfered with your application for that Kosovo job. I also know who is behind this ordeal. I spent a number of months with that monster, Marine, and can imagine what a threat she may pose to your life and reputation. Even Paul forbids me to interact with her.

Please disregard all her badwording about me. If you see or communicate to her, convey this: if she will continue blackmailing me everywhere, I will release a very interesting and disgraceful secret about her in public. She is sick, a street woman. Be careful.



[ Under "interesting and disgraceful secret" about Marina Noble, Karine Martirosyan meant Marina's shoplifting charges and convictions that we later revealed without problem, since when Marina started stalking, bothering, harassing us and reminding us about herself. Later, when Marina Noble faced the truth, when people started discussing her shoplifting records, she attacks with another series of hoax and lies, saying that "under interesting secret Karine meant my former affair with that married doctor Samvel Ghukasyan. I do not have shoplifting records...!!!"]
N  12th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@KarineEmail Did you finish up with another bottle of wine, Naira Renault?
N  12th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@Naira'sVictim Frankly, Naira’s material is really getting tired. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. I'm bored. Mix in some scotch. New delusions are in order.
N  12th of Mar, 2018 by 
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I mean, I stole a piano, and you're stuck on CVS? DIG HARDER.
N  16th of Mar, 2018 by 
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Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan, Watertown, MA) was the misbehaving criminal and ugly woman who was twice thrown out from two different workplaces in Armenia because of her profane and vulgar behavior (sexually harassing married doctors) and because of her low intellect that made her absolutely unfit for the work environment.

We were naming her a criminal. She was a trouble . We hated her. She also had that annoying boaster-bragger, harassing our ears with her lies and made up stories, which would make us laugh at her. She is tragically comic and comically tragic demon. Not only she falsified birth metrics for small bribe cash, she was also entering our pockets in the closets.

Seeing her daily nefarious activities in this site and scamero, I came to understand that she hasn't changed a bit. Her daughter, the thief Azniv Shahverdyan, hasn't gone too far from the mother.
N  16th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@SiranoushKirakosyan Paroles, paroles, Naira "Renault" Matevosyan
N  17th of Mar, 2018 by 
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@SiranoushKirakosyan True.

If these toxic and low-class trolls (Marina Noble/Watertown/MA and Ara Khachatryan/Brooklyn/NY) try to pull Naira down to their low level with webscreen fabrications, and in the meantime confess to felony, that makes Naira's job cake...

Before we will lecture this demented nuisances with some basics, people please check the Court database in the very website that these trolls have forged into the webscreen above, and you will see no shoplifting records under Naira's name. Check the smart search window, or anything else you wish, at: https://ody.dekalbcountyga.gov/portal

Marina Noble from 4 Repton Circle, Apt. 4101, Watertown/MA 02472! Your [censor] attorney Mark A Campbell (DOB 12/25/1969, GA Bar 384828, address 1278 Austin Thomas Drive, Dacula, GA 30019), who foolishly conveyed you wrong info on September 01, 2017 (all is documented, by the way), encouraging you to flood the entire Internet with that crap to humiliate and kill Naira, must understand a few simple things which he apparently has missed at his low-rank law school (in FL).

(1) In the US courts, there is NO such a thing as - "delisting a criminal record from the court files".

(2) Criminal records are EXPUNGED (sealed) and the records for civil lawsuits are REMOVED through a separate petition, named "dropout order."

(3) Expunging a criminal record takes months, even years, depending on the case. Nothing happens overnight, or even in a week, or in a month...

(4) Accordingly, there is no practical chance that your "attorney saw the record in the court files in September 1st, 2017, " or as you lie per your genetic habit that "you saw them online yourself" and that the "next day the record was delisted by Naira's request"... Criminal records cannot be "delisted overnight, " you stupid cow!

(5) This leads to a hell hole that your attorney (Mark A Campbell, GA Bar 384928) has opened for himself. If we would be stupid enough to believe to your fake records about Naira, and assume that such a record did exist but now is expunged, than your attorney is facing a major FELONY charge (which is actually happening now...), for INADVERTENT DISCLOSURES with malicious gain, under OCGA ยง 35-3-37, or the Federal REDEEM Act .

(6) This will get you in your own MA through long arm jurisdiction under many statutes, which will lock you for quite a long sentence. Your state MA does not have death penalty but you may also face lifetime with no parole (if Naira and her son die from this humiliation and terror). That will add a third-degree murder on your records...

(7) The same will happen with your paranoid schizophrenic friend Ara Khachatryan from 675 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY 11223 (phone 646-704-3333), under the NY statutes or Ghapan's "sari smboul codes."

While you, Marina Noble, somehow have two ugly, stupid and hirsut Armenian horror daughters (Azniv Shahverdyan and her half-sister Sophia Noble) you hope to "wed to rich Jewish guys with ready homes..." (as you confess online in many site) which gives you some goal to live further, Ara Khachatryan has nobody and nothing. Once he is locked, he will be killed by his cell-mate and thrown to the dog's cemetery as there is nobody per se who would put flowers on this trash's "grave" . Even earth pity to decompose his two-pound corps and to pollute, intoxicate the flora around.

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