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This company is using facebook to deceive people.

I do not know where this company is located. I am in the midst of searching for the home office location. I will be contacting the Attorney Generals Office in their state about this company. My story is like the other guys... Sent me trial for 7.99. I recieved an email that the sample was sent out. I responded to that email stating that I do not want any more of this... I recieved a return email saying that "this is no problem, we will cancel your order now... BUT we already sent out your 79.99 bottle." I went to my bank account... They had taken out 7.99 + 79.99 AND put a hold on 79.99. So lets get this right ... They now had $167.97 of my money held up... And I had'nt recieved anything yet... I have been doing battle with this company for 2 months now... I never recieved the trial or the 80 dollar bottle... So I got back the 79.99 they had on hold. But still to this day i have not gotten back my $87.98. I finally decided to post this when I checked my email this morning and recieved this.

We can arrange to have it reshipped or you can opt for a refund less
> restocking charges and shipping and handling fee a total of $67.50>
> Please kindly confirm which would be agreeable.>
> I hope to hear from you soon.>
> Best regards, >
> William Ray>
> Customer support

So in short I never recieved this product and it has now cost me $67.50...
I recomend taking a $100 dollar bill go out and give it to someone needy... You will save yourself allot of time and allot of stress.

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