Amazing Lace WigsLace wig

Dony buy from this shady company !! I paid paypal for a wig and had to constantly email the company to follow up with then and to see if or when my wig was shipped. My email were answered a day or two later. But I never received a shipping update email. So, I complained to paypal and the finally my email was answered accusing me of sabotaging the company. When the wig did come on the shipping label as the description of goods it was listed as a synthetic wig but the wig I saw online was supposed to be Indian Remy hair and when I brought this up to Krista at amazing wigs she told me they just put that on the package so that it could get thru customs. Also, on the website it stated that all the stock wigs come with transparent lace but my lace is dark brown which is too dark for my skin. When I brought this up to Krista she insisited that the lace was transparent and wouldnt do anything to help me wit h this issue because I reported the company to paypal. So, my next stop is small claims court. It isnt just about the money it is the principle..right is right !!!

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