amax auto insurance affirmative ins. / paying for my insurance and being told im not covered.

1 fort worth, TX, United States

I started with amax auto insurance on the 4th of Feb. This year. I paid a down payment and first month bundle of $190. Then I paid $68.17 on the 4th of each month after that. Recently in April my grandfather helped me out with a payment and they saved his information on my acct. Which he did not request and It should have never happend. He is not the account holder and his information shouldn't have been saved. Well I call to make my payment on the 4th of may and they new employee Jonathan at the Alta mere location was helping me. He asked if I would like to use the card on file. I said there shouldn't be a card on file. He proceeded to say okay go ahead with the card number you would like to use. I tell him my information and ask why there is a card saved and that it should be removed. He processed the payment to my card and the card on file which was ny grandfathers card. So even after asking and being told no he still charged both cards. The manager called me an hour after to inform me. And also ask if they could just keep it that way and use the charge on my grandfathers card for next month. I said no ma'am that is not my money and this is not his insurance you are going to need to refund that! She says she will take care of it. Now here we are near the end of this month and I receive a letter from affirmative auto ins. Stating that there was a problem with my down payment and I have never been insured. Frantically I called my insurance and asked where my money has gone if I have been paying insurance all along and never have been insured. She's with a customer and has to call me back. So I call affirmative to find out what's going on. They proceed to tell me that I need to make another payment of 68.17 before I will be insured. I told them that I will not because I have my bank statement and on the 4th of may $68.17 was withdrawn and I have already paid for it. Now I am waiting for amax cooperate to contact me regarding this matter. I am very upset seeming how I just had an issue last month with getting charged twice. I am absolutely fed up with poor customer service and I am very upset with my insurance service provided.

May 27, 2015

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