AmarPetrolServices,Paradise,Hyderabad / Doing mal Pracitce against customers

Hi Sir,

I am writing this mail with respect to a malpractice which I have observed at Amar Petrol Supplies, Paradise, Hyderabad-500003.

The salesman at the Petrol Pump follow this practice : Let say the man before you has filled up petrol worth 50 Rs . Then when you come to fill the petrol, he will ask you how much petrol you want . You would say 100 Rs. Then the guy who is collecting money will take the money from you and will try to divert your attention by asking you whether you want oil with petrol or whether you want speed or whether you have 100 Rs change or showing some pamplate with discounts etc.Till that time the other guy will start filling the petrol without resetting the machine to zero.

Many times the machine will be set to zero but while filling the petrol they will divert your attention and fill the petrol only for 80 Rs if you asked for 100 Rs. This is mostly happening when ladies are filling up petrol there.They wont be showing you the meter which counts the petrol filled in, rather they will show you the meter where they entered how much petrol was to be filled .

Me and my friends have noticed this several times.I thought it would be nice to share this with you.I have sent a mail to Indian Oil officers but I think they dont pay attention.I would request u to please take some action against these bunks and please do favour to the people facing these problems like me.

sumalatha ch

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