Amarjot DhattI would to submit a grievance matter for a cancelled flight on the 8th december from new delhi to amritsar

Date of Incident - 08/12/2016

My Family resides in Australia and travelled from Sydney, Australia via Singapore to New Delhi on the 8/12/2016. There were 7 members of the family that travelled together, this included my parents aged in their in late 70's and 3 children aged 7, 14 and 15 years.

Our International flight arrived from Singapore half n hour ahead of schedule at 5am. The domestic flight Flight 762 from New Delhi to Amritsar was suppose to depart at 8:55am and arrive at Amritsar at 10:05am on the same day.

After checking in our luggage at the domestic terminal we made our way to the Gate around 6:30am. After sitting their for couple of hours we were advised the flight was delayed due to fog conditions, then continuous delayed messages till 1pm. We were then informed that the flight has been cancelled, a bus coach was arranged by jet airways staff but we had to wait another 2 hours outside before the coach arrived.
My mum nearly collapsed couple of times standing outside waiting for the bus coach. Once the bus arrived we started our journey to Amritsar and it took the bus 10+ hours before we reached our destination at 1am the next morning. The whole episode took 16 hours for us to reach our destination instead of 1 hour as planned. My parents, kids and the whole family had to suffer and experience an horrendous experience with Jet Airways.

I had also booked the return airfares with Jetairways from Amritsar to Delhi which I had requested my agent to cancel as from my previous experience I did not want to risk the fog conditions and risk missing the connecting international flights to Sydney, Australia.

I have been advised by my agent that jet airways will not refund any fares as we are told the tickets are very restrictive.

I would like to request Jet airways to review their decision and take into consideration the circumstances and the seriousness of the situation with my parents and children.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jan 26, 2017

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